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AQA Graphics -Section A

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by kittylew, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I've been discussing with my year 11 class about section A- helping primary school children tell the time. What is everyone's take on this??? Will it be an individual product for a activity pack for a few pupils to use as a game- including box, card clock mechanisms, interactive aid, etc. I have told my pupils to cover all angles. Just wondering if anyone has any more ideas/thoughts on this!!

    This is my first year with AQA, so I wanna get it right, any help gratefully appreciated!!
  2. For the mechanism park of the clock, would you suggest pupils use a split pin??
  3. thought abought rotary mechanisms to alter say date and weather. Use of maths reading symbols 1/4 etc., colour font, locking mecahnism, slotting, gender, sorage of parts of set, vacuum forming, games such as biungo, flash cards.
    Any help gratefully received
  4. I'm totally lost with this question, trying to help pupils when I don't have any idea's myself. Has anyone given there practice design briefs/specifications??

    If so post them up!
  5. Went to see what they had in Learning Resources today. Fantastic idea, Time Dominoes. Same as normal dominoes, but a clock printed on one side and a digital time printed on the other. There's nothing in the prep that says it has to be a clock. The dominoes were also housed in a 2 part box. Lots of Graphic Products design info there.

    Also came away with a Bingo game. 6 different designs for boards and lots of ideas for the tiles/cards which are placed on the boards. Again, ideas for printing techniques, durability issues and storage.

    I'm also in the process of re-writing past questions. The one I've just done is from 2 years ago and was about 'fonts'. I've simply re-done the questions taking the letter 'S' out and putting in the number '2'. The next one to do is the last question of the 2010 exam, stages in making a greetings card. Easy to change to a clock.

    Once I've done a few more I'll share them on here. Any one else done anything yet?

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