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AQA Graphics-Section A- collecting money for charity

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by kittylew, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Hi all, Just wanting to you other peoples thoughts/opinions on the preliminary material for section A, 'collecting money for charity'.

    I was thinking some sort for of card collection box to sit on a counter, made from a one-piece net, maybe designing a logo design for the given charity.

    Any more thoughts/ideas welcomed.
  2. modelmaker

    modelmaker Star commenter

    I saw some elegant laser cut invite holders today, the sort of thing someone with more money than sense would buy to send wedding invitations in. The laser cut parts were made from veneer and stuck to a card, fashioned as though there were two doors. Opening the doors revealed a slot to insert the invitation card and a flap to keep it in place.
    Nothing about charity, so far, but when you consider that some charities make significant returns from hosting celebrity dinners and auctions, it starts to make sense. People who attend posh black-tie dos will cough up more for the charity had they not been invited, and they like to feel special, so the more special the invite is, the more they'll get in the mood.
  3. Ive been teaching Graphics for four years and am always looking at the brief from different angles.
    I also thought die cut net out of corrugated card would be easiest and design appropriate graphics for it. But also thought I would cover plastic too and blow/injection moulding just in case they fancy throwing a wild card in their. Any thoughts or all sticking to card net???
  4. the net stuff is going to crop up somewhere I think, but I discussed corrugated card with students, and I wondered if corrugated card would make a mailshot to thick. For standard letter post the package cannot be more than 5mm thick, I can't remember other dimensions. I did muse on the idea of an enviro/childrens'/animal charity have decided to send out home charity collection boxes to homes and/or business using standard postal sizes blah blah. Can't decide if it's too soon after the choccy boxes?
  5. We have also decided to cover plastics & blow / injection moulding. Section A is only a few questions and the rest of the paper is just random, last year the theme was telling the time and they had to draw a net of a soap box. Anything in the syllabus could come up!
  6. The soap box question was a completely different section (B). I really hope it's some sort of card collection box. I don't like the way in which these exam boards catch pupils and us teachers out! Why can't the theme be concise and allow the pupils to show creativity and flair??

    When you are talking plastic collection tubs, are you talking about the type of collection holder that you see people shaking outside supermarkets etc??! If so would those be blow moulded from HDPE???
  7. I am also thinking along the same lines and will try to cover the following:
    Flat pack postal box, pop up postal box,point of sale at the counter of the charity shop, nets for all of the above as well as plastic blow moulded hand held collection box and logos for charities. I was also thinking they may throw in the actual promotional object that you get when you've donated. These are becoming very popular such as badges, pins, i've even seen pedometers!
    They may ask for a box that can collect money and hold the promotional object.

    This is a good website for videos and ideas

    So much to cover and so little time!!
  8. dttrainee

    dttrainee New commenter

    I am a graphics teacher - and have also done a lot of "collecting for charity.
    <>BR>When I saw the brief, the first thing I thought of was the card nets that others are considering. However, having given it more thought, it could even potentially cover things like:

    Various types of plastic collecting items (handheld ones, buckets, the ones you get in McDonalds that slot into the counter, even the dome shaped ones where you put the money in and it spins faster and faster);

    mail outs "give us £2 per month", "sponsor a dog" etc.

    roll out banners - the kind people like connexions use at parent's evenings

    sweets for charity boxes, which include a section to hold the sweets and a place to put your money

    even charity vehicles (see Radio Lollipop Lolli'bus on google) / fold out roadshow vehicles.

    I know some of these are a bit obscure - I am inclined to think that the exam board normally go for what you would expect with section A - ie design a money box of some sort. Any thoughts?
  9. Does the technologystudent website still get updated with some information about this years theme?

    I remember in previous years a few weeks after release there would be information and guidance on the graphics section of the website.

  10. Just checked and technology student has been updated for Section A -2012 theme. Some good stuff on there.
  11. I've been checking technology student and not found any material on this years theme.Vic Ryan, where are you :)?
  12. It's deffo on there (on the graphics section )

    http://www.technologystudent.com/designpro/drawdex.htm (copy&paste link then scroll half way down the page)
  13. spiral wound tube.
    Pringles crisp style packaging tube with slot in top? Carpet tube with card disc inserts to both ends.
    Just a thought don't take a cheap pop at me you won't be able to stop.
  14. Can I suggest that you visit www.technologystudent.com. Go to Graphics and then scroll down. The teacher who has produced this site has for several years given out tons of resources to help with the AQA pre-release. Well worth a look at.

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