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AQA Graphics preliminary material

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by plmccahi, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    We have just recieved our Graphics preliminary material. The theme is 'Heping Primary school children learn how to tell the time'. What are peoples perceptions to this, as it is my first time round delivering the Y11 Graphics exam.
    Thanks in advance for your support.
  2. Hi,
    We have just recieved our Graphics preliminary material. The theme is 'Heping Primary school children learn how to tell the time'. What are peoples perceptions to this, as it is my first time round delivering the Y11 Graphics exam.
    Thanks in advance for your support.
  3. Hi,
    it's actually considered bad form to discuss the prelim mterials before the date we can hand it to the kids.
    However, it sounds like they will ask you to design a clock??? moveable hands, clear numbers etc.
    Engineering prelim - Wooohoooo! EDEXCEL did this 4-5 years ago. Job already done!
  4. My reaction is ???????????????????????? We used to get a lot more clues! I'm off for a look round - if I get anything I'll post it here.
  5. I personally feel that this is a difficult task, I'm not even sure what techniques are used to help children tell the time?? I suppose it will need to be visual, maybe a pack containing helpsheets, placement of clock hands and discussion of industrial process to make such a thing???? Any help would be much appreciated though.
  6. You have read my mind!
    We have just received the material and are really stuck with this theme (compared to previous years) Without the aid of an image mind-map, AQA have really kept us in the dark this year.
    Does it have anything to do with materials (plastics/card) printing processes? cad cam (manufacture) colour spectrums. font/text styles. Explanations of how the students would make a mock-up of a clock face? tools/equipment - stages of process
    Reading through the graphic products text book by Nelson Thornes, hasn't given us many further clues either.

  7. Glad most other people are as stumped as I am . . . Looked in our YPO catalogue for primary stuff quite a few different clockfaces with changeable numbers moving hands etc. What worries me is that the 'design' question won't actually involve any 'graphic design' in the font, colours, images sense but be a more technical,possibly mechanism based question. The move seems to be to be that pupils show their creativity on the controlled assessment and that the design question on the exam is much more technical. If you've seen the first exam for this new spec from June 2010 the design was for a promotional direct mail chocolate box to contain 6 chocs but the task was to design the net for the box not the decorative outside graphics. Anyone else thinking on these lines?
  8. Unfortunately jhamblett the GCSE course is living up to its name much more -graphic PRODUCTS rather than design.
    I too am guilty of nurtuting my little horrors to be excellent graphic designers and not fully addressing the whole 3D side of things - something that is very apparant in their CA which have superbly pretty (and quite technically challenging) designs but quite shoddy, uncreative packages/POS displays etc.

    Ah well, revision lessons start end of next week - creating moving hands, packaging with windows, and flash card boxes ahoy!
  9. Just trying to get these all together.

    Went to see what they had in Learning Resources today. Fantastic idea, Time Dominoes. Same as normal dominoes, but a clock printed on one side and a digital time printed on the other. There's nothing in the prep that says it has to be a clock. The dominoes were also housed in a 2 part box. Lots of Graphic Products design info there.

    Also came away with a Bingo game. 6 different designs for boards and lots of ideas for the tiles/cards which are placed on the boards. Again, ideas for printing techniques, durability issues and storage.

    I'm also in the process of re-writing past questions. The one I've just done is from 2 years ago and was about 'fonts'. I've simply re-done the questions taking the letter 'S' out and putting in the number '2'. The next one to do is the last question of the 2010 exam, stages in making a greetings card. Easy to change to a clock.

    Once I've done a few more I'll share them on here. Any one else done anything yet?
  10. dttrainee

    dttrainee New commenter

    I am just trying to split the exam down into major categories, like they used to on the prep sheet, to help give myself and the students more insight to how the exam might be structured. Am I right in thinking that this part of the exam will not be the whole context of the exam like in previous years?
  11. Yes, only part A.

    Don't forget, the exam was sat last year by those who wanted yr10's to sit the exam part. If you haven't already done so, contact AQA and get a copy of that exam. All printed on A4.


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