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AQA Graphic Product results. Happy?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by GraficGeek, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. GraficGeek

    GraficGeek New commenter

    Had the tail cut off my GP results this year so not happy. When looking into it I am astonished to see how the grade boundries have risen thus:-
    2010 Unit 1 botton grade C 51
    (No Unit 2)
    2011 Unit 1 bottom grade C 51
    Unit 2 bottom grade C 54
    2012 Unit 1 bottom grade C 56 !
    Unit 2 bottom grade C 58 ! (source AQA website)
    Why move the goal posts? I seem to be running faster not even to stand still! Not Fair. Any thoughts? Can't contemplate what I will have to do in five years time!

  2. Feel exactly the same. My results have improved but there are four students who deserved a C and got Ds with only one close enough to a boundary for a remark.
    Compared with others in the department I have nothing to complain about; food, unit 1 engineering and electronics have all been moderated down. It goes without saying that their marks were all accepted last year
    Onwards, ever onwards
  3. Not happy.
  4. Feeling much the same about my Engineering results
    2011 - Exam pass at grade C - 49%
    2012 - Exam pass at grade C - 55%

    Maybe it was an easier exam but I do not think.

    Coursework surely should not have gross changes in boundaries? the Controlled Tasks have not changed so why has all the boundries there been moved by over 5%????

    Very miserable.
  5. The hike in grade boundaries across both areas have really affected my grades, less os at the top end as the increase wasn't as large there. A*A would have gone up 34%-37% but A-C would have gone up 7% to 74%, but most importantly 3 kids would have their C grade. Very unhappy.

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