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Discussion in 'Art and design' started by pantomime horse, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I am in the same position as you, feeling very unsure about the new marking scheme. I suppose confidence will grow as we get through the first cohort. The best we can do, like you say, is mark to the scheme as accurately as we can and trust that it will be reflected in the grades. The issue is that as teachers we are expected to feed back to SLT etc with grades - and this year it is all very up in the air. I do feel more anxious than usual this time round!
    Where did you read that 45 would be C? We were told by AQA that grade boundaries wouldn't be set until during the summer, so as far as I am aware its still all undecided. When we did the marking task I'm sure the tolerance level was 6 marks either side, do you think this will be the same for our marking this year?
    Surely AQA want the new syllabus to be a success, so I can't see them making them making the grade boundaries too high?
    Completely understand where you are coming from with this one, I'm sure lots of people do!
  2. Thank you for your reply. Nice to know I am not the only one. Its just I am right in the middle of marking and its not until you get stuck in that it then starts to get a little worrying! I still think that there should be one examining board for Art and design. It should not be that a student from one board can get an A ,and in another the same work might get a B. None of this marking is yet perfected no matter how many times they change the specifications!!!! I still feel Art suffers hugely. Out of my 50 students taking Art GCSE not one is Family fisher trust targeted below a C. Who looks bad? The teacher.
  3. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    I overheard the chief examiner saying that he reckoned 44 would be the C/D borderline.....
  4. pinnylady

    pinnylady New commenter

    from my calculations from the aqa new spec documents I have C boundary as 48!! Now I am very confused! I'm finding the new marking spec hard enough when you've been used to the old assessment objective descriptors and marking out of 15 rather than 20, feel like an NQT again.
  5. What are your calculations? How have you worked it out and using which documents?
  6. I thought it'd be aorund 44 too...only time will tell I suppose...
  7. 53is crazy for a C grade. I have marked 40 plus as being Cs. The only way to Mark acuratly is what best fits the statement. I'd anyone says anything I will just show how the students work fits the wording.
  8. artbinki

    artbinki New commenter

    I am an AQA Art moderator. I can guarantee you that you SHOULD NOT use the Uniform Mark Scales (UMF) at the back of your spec to predict GCSE grade boundaries for 2011. UMF is a scale to ensure the distribution curve of grades remains the same subjec upon subject and year upon year. IT DOES NOT correspond to mark grades. you will end up having your centre remarked if you use this.
    As a moderator we have been told to 'mark to the boxes' use 'just, adequate, clear, consistent' to decide whereabouts in the box they are. Refer to the work used at standardisation meetings. i cannot tell you what the tolerance is, BUT it is less than someone had mentioned. the system for selecting samples has changed this year aswell.
    At my centre we are seeing the 9-12 box as the c/d, as that best fits the descriptions.
    I personally looked at the scales given on the website for last year, which would lead us to believe that 44 was the boundary. HOWEVER, after speaking to the Principal moderator for my area i am assured that the boundaries will be re-set this year so that the distribution curve is similar to last year. it does seem however that the marks seem a little more lenient for the very bottom, with candidates who would previously have failed, making it into the cirteria.
    I hope this helps. FFT is a *** of a noose around our necks. If it any consolation,, our stupid current government are not looking at CVA figures such as Fischer, but instead going back to the misleading A*- C % - so if you teach in a good school with able middle class kids then you'll be quids in - whilst the rest of us slog away for no reward, thanks or appreciation that Joe Blogs who is homeless should have got an E but we worked with him to get a D.
  9. Dear Happy Apple,

    I went to the standarisation and the moderator said the same as at yours they dont know the grade boudaries, I've seen the table in the AQA support booklet but I dont think you can calculate it if the boundary isnt set yet. I've done exactly the same as you - ;read and re readthe statement and fit the mark to it. Our moderator ised the phrases Just/ Adequately/ Clearly / Convincingly to match to each mark withinthe band.....
    so for example
    9= just
    10 = adequate
    12= convincingly and so on right throught the statements.
    That helped me match the mark to the work. I do know which pupils I think are the cut off point for 1 C/D and last year our moderator didnt change any we gpot 91% A-C, but a few years ago marking the same as ever we had 11 marks taken off so lots of kids git pushed back and I thought it was wrong and unfair.I cant think of any other subjects that are so random in their marking. It does pout a lot of stress on us and we take ages marking and standardising. No one else does they just put the mark in and thats it .
    Good luck
  10. So what is the point of putting the Uniform Mark Scale in the specification. All it seems to do is confuse matters!
  11. pinnylady

    pinnylady New commenter

    thanks artbinki might have to look at a few marks again, have marked as per standardisation with the criteria and on the marks, just, adequate, consistent etc but i did use that umf to help with some candidates i wasnt sure of. looks like i'll be in trouble again with the 'aspirational' targets not being met by our 'challenging' students would be nice to have an idea though my smt are not happy about me not knowing roughly what grades we'll get. hey ho :-(
  12. Hello,
    We are having the same trouble. Bit of a guessing game isn't it? We are marking a C at 43/44. IT's an opportunity to be generous with marks I suppose.

  13. Well my marks have gone off to the moderator now so...
  14. artbinki

    artbinki New commenter

    alexarmitage - re FFT, I think it was in the recent white paper, along with the ridiculous EBac, they are also looking more carefully at national A*-C averages - so 50% schools will be failing. Yet another shoot from the hip from the government. I think in the short term, school will still be using FFT to prove progress in different groups.

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