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AQA GCSE versus Asset for low ability learners

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by OTTER, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Have you looked at the AQA ELC and FCSE specifications? They are both 100% coursework which should be more suitable.
  2. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    Fair play indeed? I'm now even more nervous that, having played the game fair, my candidates will be at a disadvantage for it... I've just "marked" the second batch of written assessments my Y10 have produced, and some still come at 14/30 (about an E grade I reckon). It makes me sick to think of all those centres that won't think twice about allowing their candidates access to books etc during the Stage 3, but never mind.
    I'm afraid I haven't got an answer to your question, other than encourage you to persuade SMT that asset really is the only option for those bottom set pupils. CA is hard for pupils who can't memorise easily and don't have high accuracy. If you figure it out, please give me the secret to success, as we have some very weak candidates coming through in the next two years and I just don't know how they'll cope...
  3. rosa11

    rosa11 New commenter

    Thanks for that - been there, done that I'm afraid. At one point, we were teaching IB, A2, AS, GCSE, Asset, IBC, FCSE and ELC. Not a pleasant year!
  4. BrightonEarly

    BrightonEarly Occasional commenter

    I agree with Otter. I have found the ELC and FCSE very accessible. Distinction in FCSE = D GCSE equivalent.
  5. rosa11

    rosa11 New commenter

    The thing with Asset is that our kids are completely and utterly freaked out by the speaking test. No amount of prep and "training" seems to work. The unknown quantity of the writing is also very daunting. Mmm
  6. rosa11

    rosa11 New commenter

    Actually yes, that could be a sensible course for the very, very weakest of students in KS4. I actually hadn't thought of that. We have been finding that our very weakest kids bomb out on Preliminary Level - very few of them gain Level 6 which is the equivalent of D. Actually, FCSE could be used as a carrot to spur them on to gain GCSE. A clever thought! Thanks!

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