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AQA GCSE Textiles exam

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by ScoobyChoo, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. So how did people think it went?
    My students came out generally happy, but had a few questions that they found harder, but isn't that always the way?
    Without sounding too stupid, who can tell me the answer to the fabric construction question? (question 2c I think!) The 2nd one down? I know the woven and knitted, but what is the middle suppose to be?!
  2. the worst diagarm ever for bonded fabric???

    my students felt the same about the paper.
  3. I guessed (as did my students) that it was bonded! But I fail to see how it is bonded, it has dots and squiggly lines. My exams officer asked if it was 'another mistake' the exam boards have made!
  4. My bunch did the OCR paper today so can't comment on your diagram, but if its got dots on it, is that meant to represent the slig/ht holes created with needle felted fabrics? Or is it the glue dots on a self adhesive interfacing
  5. Didn't think the exam was too bad. The diagram was stitch binder, not something I have shown my group, would have expected gelded or bonded but not this one. I am a bit surprised there wasn't more on sustainable design but that's how it goes!
  6. Ok that didn't even make sense and it won't let me edit!!!
    What I meant to say was 'stitch bonded fabric' and that I would have expected felted or bonded!!!
  7. confused us too- I thought it looked like a carpet tile...
  8. I switched to Edexcel this year.. after years with AQA - mine students had mixed reactions - some thought it was fun, others said it was hard. had to do a step by step of a french seam! Of course they knew this and we had revised it but lower ability will have struggled. Also VERY sustainability focussed apparently - though I haven't seen the paper yet.

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