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AQA GCSE Textiles CRF help!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by tamsinodile, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I'm filling in the CRF forms for my class, and am having a mental block with the Teacher's Supporting Statement column. Last year I filled in all of the cells in the table, with mostly generic (yet relevant) comments. I repeated myself many times due to this. When our grades came out in the summer, all of my class were marked down a grade. I know why this was now we've had feedback, and it was nothing to do with the forms, but now I'm now worried about how I should try and word my comments to best support my pupils to get the grade they deserve! If I'm totally honest with my comments, might they get marked down? If I'm too vague, am I missing the opportunity to support why I gave them a particular mark?
    I feel like whatever I write will be wrong!
    I know at the AQA meetings they say not to state the obvious, to only write things that won't be clear by looking in the folder. But if I do that, many of the higher grade folders will have blanks as the folders are so self explanatory.
    Can anyone advise on the best way to go about filling in this part of the CRF?
    Many thanks!
  2. Thank you for putting this post as I am also v interested in what to put here as this is the first time I have filled them in. I know we have to fill in the gaps that may be missing or conversations that have happened about evanuation, but also want to praise where it is needed. Do AQA have examples of how to fill in these forms?
    Some stuff I have written for my A/A* students is about their independent working, mature approach, focus for target customer but would like reasurance that this is correct and enough.
    Also my lower grade students I need to make their good points sound good so they dont get marked down

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