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AQA GCSE Results 2011 Graphics, RM, Electronics

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by sav5000, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. I think every Mark scheme has it's lack of clarity. We standardise in our department to see if we're marking along similar lines which helps put the discussion of the Mark scheme into clarity. Our graphics results were just above 70% A*-C and resistant materials Mark even higher. I gave one pupil full marks for her design section, if my marks are unaltered I'll share the process in the resource section.

    Kind regards :)
  2. I gave 43 graphics folders the full 90 marks...they havent been changed so as I said earlier I will distribute if people want to have a look. I just have to doctor them a bit toget rid of pupils faces and names etc.
  3. That'll be just the 4!
  4. jmacjm

    jmacjm New commenter

    Good morning dradford you are up and at it early. Thanks for your postive and interesting view.
    I have no problem with CA you simply had to follow instructions. I did not see the 76/90 boundry for an A coming though. It was here that I got stung as all my students did the exam at the end of Year10 and I could direct them to a particular mark to achieve a certain grade. My educated caculated grade taken from the spec was 72/90 which was well short and my top end missed out. We did however get 78% A-C.
    My huge and worrying issue is the exam it was a killer. Wordy , lenghty, dry with nothing in it which wouls engage the students we have who just like to be creative, draw and colour. It was a lot tougher than last year I know thsi because of 7 resits only one improved their grade despite them being more mature candidates. This year out of 32 students only 38% got C or above. Last year 83% got C or above (out of 28) .This I fear will harm our subject and take it away from the grasp of the students who are attracted to our subject the less able who struggle with a pen.
    Does this echo with anyone else. I worked hard in preping for this exam. Maybe I could have worked smarter. Has anyone got any ideas?
  5. jmacjm

    jmacjm New commenter

    Oops sorry for the embarrasing typos above. (got rusty over the hols)
  6. Always up early!!!
    What you say is interesting. A few points from me....
    Even though the exam might have been wordy, lengthy and dry, to me it was a good design exam that worked well to prep pupils for our A-level course(EDEXCEL). It was very similar style. Surely engaging a pupils brain in design related topics is better than colouring!!!!!???!?!?!?!
    I did the exam in summer year 11 and they all did well in it, I did have a very academic class who would rather do science than DT but the maturity of the students when taking the exam worries me. We have gone to a vertical teaching "stage not age" approach at our school. Whether I like it or not next year we are doing 1 year GCSE with Y9 & Y10 mixed in the classes. What worries me is some Y9 who have chosen Graphics are Level 4(end of Y8 TA)....if your year 10's got lower than you thought I am up the creek without a paddle!
    As for harming the subject I dont think AQA will do this....Ebacc and headteachers dismissing DT will do that.
    As for the grade boundaries game...in my opinion this is a dangerous guessing game as you have found out with this years results...I never guess grade boundaries, the pupils get what they get.
    Are you complusary DT at GCSE?
  7. jmacjm

    jmacjm New commenter

    No,the picture is this we are a busy 11-16 less than average ability school offering all subjects including Engineering double award. I have an excellent staff but the problem I see creeping up is to sustain the 70% A*-C Grades across the department (which is valued by SMT) when the ability of our students seems to be on the wane. Our less academic very much struggle with the one tier written paper. The more able can fly with it as you say.
    Cheers best get on with some prep.
  8. mrichards73

    mrichards73 New commenter

    Does anybody have examples of good AQA 'electronic products' folders?
    The exam hit us really hard this year, which was compounded by the fact that coursework grades were slightly lower because of Controlled Assessment and didn't offer the students the buffer that they normally have.
    My grades make terrible reading - FFTD 35%, actual A*-C 19%. Basically 4 students that might normally have got C dropped down to D. We normally beat FFTD by some margin but now I'm brickin it because I've got to present these results to the school and management on the first day back as HOD. DT is already poorly regarded at our school, hence the low FFTD.
  9. I can probably get you some of ours. I will speak to our electronics chap tomorrow, drop me a line doverj@heathschool.org.uk

  10. mrichards73

    mrichards73 New commenter

    Many thanks JD. My e-mail address is mrd.khs@hotmail.co.uk. I've got plenty of examples of other subjects but none from electronics. Our highest grade was a C this year so I can't really use those as aspirational examples.
  11. Thanks for sharing, i look forward to having a look on the resource section.
    Just out of interest which tasks did most of your students do for the graphics coursework? I had 43 students this year and well over 30 did the cinema project but my highest grades seem to have come from the band project, i just wondered if i should change tack with the projects.
  12. Can't comment on the new specs but I dropped AQA about 5 years ago for Graphics for similar reasons. Used OCR up until the recent change and had no complaints whatsoever - extremely happy with exam and moderation. Switched to EDX for new specs (didn't like the fact that OCR switched to two papers) and despite it having a more rigorous exam, we only had one D this year with 50% A*-A.
  13. We opted for the school band and had some good results (and a few awful ones) dye sublimated mini t shirts and used UV/thermochromatic/glow in the dark thread as smart materials.
  14. Hi,

    I would be most grateful of some example GCSE Graphics coursework folders.
    My e-mail address is:
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  15. Example Graphics folder in my resources.
  16. any one got aqa product design folders they would like to share?

  17. HadleyDuffs

    HadleyDuffs New commenter

    I would really appreciate it if you could send me some examples of your pupils work. Mine were the worst results ever.
  18. I'm a little worried reading this thread! We've taught OCR for years (GP, RM, Food and Tex) and when the specs changed we stuck with them. Didn't like the new spec with two projects, two papers and not really enough time to get through it all, so we've changed to AQA, adding Product Design in for our early entry kids in Y11 who've already got OCR GCSEs in GP or RM.
    If anyone has got any links to example folders I'd be very grateful if you could add them to this thread!
  19. alan1970

    alan1970 New commenter

    For want of a slanging match over the internet, I feel that you have missed the point dradford with regards to the comments I have made. You come across as being an excellent practitioner (and I in no way work for you or any such affiliated body) but I am concerned at your lack of hesitation. Please re-read my post.
    When I am standing with a moderator who has just described his reluctance to agree to the internal standardisation that my colleagues and I have slavishly applied to the moderation of our student's work and suggest that he simply disagrees with our assessment without a hint of nugget as to why he thinks this is the point I am making. Isn't it better that he or she simply keeps their mouth shut and not provide any comment at all rather than professionally wind you up in the knowledge that they are protected by their professional obligations not to tell you.
    Also, I was referring to the previous descriptors as used in the same spec last which must have changed unbeknown to us all as twhereby the cohort achieved a good set of results and demonstrated that our assessment of the GCSEclearly the exam board are not using the same criteria to train their moderators. Our assessment of the coursework was absolutely bang on. How this can then change in the space of a year when the same rigour and due diligence was applied is beyond me? I don't appreciate snotty comments from colleagues who believe just because that they have a high set of results that we are simply not doing things that we ought to be; rather I believe that the work we put in is heartfelt and genuine and definitely in the best interest of our students and not to make ourselves seem self-righteous and self-congratulating in manner. I am sure that you are a successful teacher because you train your students to think as individuals and challenge their own learning rather than learning and copying by rote according to the exam board criteria. If there is a magic button out there somewhere...let me know.
  20. We had the chief moderator in to inspect the folders and when the results came back we'd been knocked down a whole grade in most if not all cases. This is despite following all advice given from the previous year. We're now with Edexcel and already seeing better progress across the year groups (9,10&11) they provide much more assistance and excellent examples of work.

    Late response I know but only just found this thread, hope most people's problems are resolved, or at least not as severe as first thought.

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