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AQA GCSE Results 2011 Graphics, RM, Electronics

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by sav5000, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. sav5000

    sav5000 New commenter


    Interested to hear how you felt the new mark scheme for AQA DT Courses [GCSE] went this year?

    Grades seem to be lower, approximately, lower by 1 grade?
  2. sav5000

    sav5000 New commenter


    Interested to hear how you felt the new mark scheme for AQA DT Courses [GCSE] went this year?

    Grades seem to be lower, approximately, lower by 1 grade?
  3. Hi, I completely agree. Felt my kids did really well in their graphics coursework but then was surprised to find they'd been moderated down a grade. Guess I need to change my approach what with the new syllabus.

    I wish AQA provided an exemplar folder for each of the 'tasks' (Band task, Pizza task etc). Nay, dare I ask, would anyone here be willing to send me copies of their A/A* folders?
  4. Hi, my coursework has been moderated down a grade also. I am gutted as the practical work is the best it's ever been. I agree they need to provide exemplar folders although I referred to the boardgame example and still managed to do it wrong. If I had an A* folder I would gladly send it to you. I'm thinking of changing to the Welsh board. Looks far more straight forward.
  5. I'm in complete agreeance with the last two posts. I'm wondering the same - whether to go for another board. The only problem is (and I guess that this is something that can't be helped) is the fact that next week I'll have a 3rd Year and 4th Year class starting GCSE D&T Graphic Products...
    It's the level of ambiguity from the exam board that frustrates me. I've got decent pupils and, if they know what they have to produce, will produce whatever the exam board requires. Moderation from AQA, in my experience, seems to be 'luck of the draw' - one person's A* is another person's C..!

  6. Does this mean you early enter candidates? I am assuming 3rd and 4th year equates to Y9 and Y10.. Last year a lot of the AQA Chief examiners reports for unit 1 ( the exam ) pointed out that they had seen a lot of immature responses to questions. Presumably it would be the same this year, There is an article in this week's TES by the AQA Head of Research.
    Controlled assessment moderation is a different matter, if you have been adjusted and you think iti s the individual moderator's view, then why not request remoderation? You will get your fee back if you are right and the benefit of having a more senior moderator look at the work.
    Which specification are you teaching?
    In my experience swapping between boards just involves more learning curves to overcome.
  7. We only enter the pupils' work in May 2011, after starting the coursework in Y10. It's AQA Graphic Products that we're teaching. I appreciate the advice on re-moderation, this could be something to request when we're back. And yes - I suppose that there's something in the idea that swapping boards would take a long time to get accustomed to the new board's requirements etc.
    Helpful reply, thanks!

  8. I agree with you all. My grades are lower this year, i normally get about 80% A-C, this year i got 46%!!! I know my cohort wasn't as strong but i thought the coursework was reasonable, feel gutted for the kids, feel like i've got to get back to the drawing board so to speak.
  9. It may well be that schools are doing exactly what they have done in the past, but get different results. Several things have changed this year, single tier papers, new criteria for controlled assessment tasks, board set assessment tasks.
    Any one of these or several in combination could affect your candidates results. That is ignoring the fact that not every group is as good, or bad, as the last one.
    Then there is the unknown factor, a lot of other schools are doing the same qualification. So if they get higher marks your school moves down (in percentages of grades obtained). That is because the awarding bodies are limited on the percentages of grades awarded overall. There would be little credibility if the percentage of As or Cs or even Fs varied by large amounts year by year.
    So in this case if the group were weaker that accounts for part of the drop plus the effect of whatever happened in other schools.

  10. GraficGeek

    GraficGeek New commenter

    In my opinion the CA task was ok and the students enjoyed it and generally achieved in terms of marks what they deserved. The pass mark for an A was steep considering the time constraints they were under as our Exams officer who is HOD was continually on my back.
    My issue was the exam it was a killer, dry, boring, hard little opportunity for creativity much harder than last years the less able were totally flummocked. You could even keep your colours in your case. My kids hated it despite careful prep my grades are awful and I wince at the prospect of meeting up with my Year 10's (whole cohort early entry) telling them they will have to do it again! I enjoyed the old spec which I negotiated pretty well (exam and all) over the past 3 years. But this has stopped me in my tracks as I too are thinking of jumping ship, Welsh board you say?
    Word has got around about the exam and all our option numbers will suffer.
    I thought the AQA said this would enhance and popularise the subject?
  11. Tenon...and anyone else if interested,
    My Graphics AQA pupils got 100% A-C with only 3 C's(25 group). My coursework wasn't touched. If you would like me to send some examples email me and we can sort something out.
  12. As far as AQA goes to me it is the easiest exam board out there. Many folders I have seen just DO NOT do what the board ask for. Stick with AQA, it will reward you in the end.
    I do not work for AQA in any fashion!!
  13. sav5000

    sav5000 New commenter

    The original post assumes that folders are exactly what the exam board look for. That is my original point.

    I will try WJEC in 2012.
  14. Would greatly appreciate some examples of a. I marked my work to the letter and had two A's, 3B's and 5C's it came back 1B, 1C and 4D's I cannot understand how I got it so wrong with an A that was in essance a C? My email is sharron.fidler@tiscali.co.uk. Any imput very welcome.
  15. I am sorry fineline pen......you agree with all the comments but then say your cohort wasn't as strong....so do you think you should still get 80% A-C with a weaker cohort? Sometimes I really do wonder about the profession.
  16. Would love to produce folders as AQA would wish but with no Standardisation meetings for Electronic products or Engineering what am I supposed to do?
  17. alan1970

    alan1970 New commenter

    At the end of the day, no matter what amount of preparation, revision and extra curricular study support sessions we provide, each individual students is in it for themselves. Their overall attainment (or lack of it) is in their own hands.
    Of course, FFT or other target data can indicate a weaker year group and of course, I agree that (despite stringent interventions etc) this can ultimately result in lower attainment at the terminal exams. My earlier point has to be that when work has been externally moderated and the suggestion that the work has been over-marked without provision of an explanation as to how; moreover, that it is a 'gut feeling' is outrageous in the least.
    My Graphics results were generally very good with 56% of the targeted students achieving A*-C despite colleague absence and the grades awarded at A*-G are essentially very similar to the predicted grades suggests that the RM results - which are very poor - please note I am too embarrassed to even offer a hint of a percentage - have been 'adjusted' according to what can only be considered unpublished criteria. I agree with the earlier posts - the AQA descriptors do not provide sufficient clarity or direction in assessment and we have to rely on our understanding of the previous descriptors to guide us. Roll on the standardisation opportunities run by the board. I have more than a few questions for the chief examiner or whoever!
  18. Can you just clarify 'without provision of an explanation'? At no point are AQA moderators allowed to tell anyone why marks change - well thats my thinking, please put me right if its wrong.
    What do you mean by 'understanding of previous descriptors'? If you mean for the previous specification why do you wonder your marks are wrong! Again please correct me if I am wrong.
    The new AQA assessment criteria is simple to understand and really helps pupils than say the old OCR graphics GCSE where it was so structured the coursework became more like an examination paper to me. New AQA gives you freedom in your marking and pupils freedom in their folder work. This new AQA spec clearly shows the difference between pupils who have been taught what to do rather than told what to do...well the folders I have seen do anyway.
    I do admit the standardisation materials were weak. I did go to a standardisation/CA meeting with AQA, I did exactly what the guy told me to do and gained excellent results.
    As for resistant materials, we do it through product design as we seem to get better results that way.

  19. I didnt expect to get 80%, my target was 65% so i think a drop to 46% was quite a shock.
    Yes your quite right i do wonder about the profession with unhelpful comments like yours.
  20. Mate, I just speak the truth and dont look at this as personal...and the end of the day you clearly stated you agreed with the original post and that your results are not as good as previous and what you thought they should be....but then you said your cohort was weaker. Complete nonsense.
    I dont know how big your class is but with a class of 20 that means only 4 pupils didnt reach their target so not that much of a shock.

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