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AQA GCSE Reforms

Discussion in 'English' started by howlinmad, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. howlinmad

    howlinmad New commenter

    Hello, I'm a new HoF in a school that produces outstanding Maths results and reasonable English results. I'm under a great deal of pressure to close the gap (aren't we all?!). Following a recent visit from a rather unhelpful AQA person, I'm wondering if I should switch from the current GCSE Combined Lang/Lit to single award Lang and single award Lit for our current year 9s? My thinking being that I can withdraw students from Lit if necessary to focus on Lang. The AQA lady couldn't clarify this for me, any advice would be gratefully received - along with any other tips for new HOFs!
  2. CarolineEm

    CarolineEm New commenter

    The rules are that, if they do Language they also have to be <u>entered </u>for Literature (QCA rules, not just AQA).
    However, after that it becomes a little more complicated. If a candidate <u>doesn't</u> enter for the Literature GCSE then they will still get their Language GCSE grade. However, the school won't get their Language grade showing as part of their league tables (so, in theory, a way of "massaging" league table figures - if a student is going to perform poorly in Language, don't enter them for Lit and they won't show up (this I have directly confirmed by AQA)
    .... EXCEPT...
    If you have, say, 100 students in your entry cohort, and you don't then enter, say, 5 for Literature, (if you did Language in Yr 10 and then a student moved away, or was away on long-term sickness in yr 11 etc) what then happens to your overall percentage of students results? Would you only be showing 95% of your students achieving English Language GCSE? I have yet to get an answer for this complication, and it's making my head hurt!
  3. EmmaBB

    EmmaBB New commenter

    We are (hopefully) moving to entering the lower ability students for English rather than Lang & Lit. It makes much more sense. But not for the whole cohort. Depends on your ability range.
  4. We now have clarification from the DFE about the requirement for pupils to be entered for GCSE English Literature in order for the GCSE English Language to meet the English performance measure.
    The Department expects that where a candidate is entered for GCSE English Literature they take the subject and sit the exam and be tested on what they know.
    To meet the English Performance measure, Grade C or above must be achieved in GCSE English Language and a Grade A* - G awarded in English Literature. U and X will not count.

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