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AQA GCSE Product Design Folder checklist

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by frazhm, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone, I am an NQT who has inherited a year 11 GCSE Product Design group. Going through their folders it is apparent that most are a little on the lightweight side. Is there anyone out there who has a master checklist of essential sheets/documents that need to be in a Product Design folder. I need to get across the desirable level of urgency to my group and an extensive list of documents all produced to the required standard would be useful in setting the right tone.
    Many Thanks

  2. I have one that we use (not my own, its from an online resource) I can e-mail it over if you send me your email address: missmolyneux@hotmail.com
  3. Go to the excellent mrd&t website, theres a whole load of stuff on there that will help your cause.

  4. Frazhm

    There is no such thing as a checklist as every project will be different. Moderators are most influenced by the ideas, development and analytical thinking as far as the design work is concerned. The criteria is not equally weighted and you could be totally misled by following someone else's checklist. I assume you have the 2007 notes and guidance update and the exemplar materials from AQA? I also assume you have the latest CD?

    If you want exemplar projects send a couple of CDs and a SAE to me at Dixons City Academy, Ripley Street, Bradford BD5 7RR. Tell me what materials you are working with. Make sure you attend one of the Autumn Teachers Meetings for latest advice.
  5. Whilst there is a lot of good advice in the document mentioned above it is not a good match to the best practice examples that will be shown at the Autmn Teachers' Meetings. Following such a prescriptive route could be disasterous. Like any such document it might work really well with a particular group of youngsters following a particular route through Product Design but it is far from typical. It relies on the teacher interpreting the advice and relating the relevant parts to a design project. If it was as simple as producing a one guide for all AQA would have already published one.

    If you cannot get to one of the meetings (which start next week) all centres who have notified they are entering students for PD this year should receive a CD with all the relevant and latest guidance within a few weeks. Coursework advisers already have this material and you should make them your first point of contact.

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