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AQA GCSE Photography marking scheme

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by squidls, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Try page 26 of the spec, it gives you the grid for the uniform marks.
    If you work it out as a percentage (for the portfolio 162 divided by 180 = A*, 144 divided by 180 = A etc )
    I worked it out as 90%+ = A, 80%-89% = A, 70%-79% = B etc
    I think it's the same for all specs at GCSE unlike at A'level where photography grade boundaries are different from all the other specs.
    Hope this helps and is ok?
  2. sorry bit dim when it comes to maths
    what should the mock be marked as out of 80?
    not sure if I understand
  3. the mock can be marked out of 80, 20 for each AO as in the real one.
    Then the grade boundaries would be:
    72-80 = A*
    64-71 = A
    56-63 = B
    48 - 55 = C
    40 - 47 = D
    32 - 39 = E
    I think :)
  4. All of last years grade boundaries are published on the AQA website, so you can find them there. Last year C was 44. Will probably be about the same this year.

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