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AQA GCSE PE Personal Survival

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by chalky73, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. I'm keen to offer personal survival to my GCSE PE students but can't really get any decent info on what to do for Key Process B. The syllabus infers doing a scenario which incorporates the Core Skills. Does anyone have any good 'scenarios' that they have used for this?
  2. Hi ya
    Im in a simliar position and am going to investigate the rookie lifeguard stuff to see if it helps - if I find anything I will let you know!
  3. Cheers Yorkie!
  4. I am a swimming teacher and have been teaching personal survival for some time. I also teach the AQA GCSE double award and we have used personal survival alot. If you go onto the STA website they have syllabus for teaching a range of water safety skills. I have been using the assessment criteria for a range of these to provide an opportunity for a scenario.

    e.g. Swim 100m in clothes without stopping, tread water for 2 minutes, swim 50m to collect a bouyancy aid. Demonstrate the HELP position. Climb out. Enter deep water safely using a suitable entry method, tread water for 1 minute. In a group get into the HUDDLE position. Retrieve an object from the floor using a feet first or head first surface dive, remove clothing whilst treading water.

    This is the sort of thing.
  5. Be careful about using too much lifeguard stuff for personal survival, they are two separate activities. Although a good swimmer would be advised to attempt swimming, lifesaving and personal survival especially if on the double award.

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