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AQA GCSE P1 January results

Discussion in 'Science' started by hcb, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. hcb

    hcb New commenter

    Does anyone know if it is possibel to find out a comparison of results for P1 between girls and boys for the cohort who took the exam this January? The results analysis on the AQA website gives the comparison for our students but I can't compare that with other schools. I have an idea that the questions in the P1 paper were off-putting for girls, but I may be deluding myself.
  2. groovybob

    groovybob New commenter

    two of my 3 girls did well on P1, one of them well out performed her FFT.
    the other one did worse than on P2 and rather poorly copared to FFT.
    generally the whole class did better on p1 than p2
    and I got one 100% on p1!!!

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