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AQA GCSE Music Aprasil Question-Help needed please

Discussion in 'Music' started by nataliemusic, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    For Unit 2 of the AQA GCSE Music there is a question in the Aprasil Booklet ...What is the relationship of your composition to its context?

    Wha does this mean? Is it me or is it 'poorly' phrased. The link to the Strand is Western Classical Music and my students have composed songs.
    Can anyone advise me?
  2. HebdenH

    HebdenH New commenter

    Hi Nataliemusic

    Have a look at the Guidance and Exemplar Work section on the AQA site:


    I've shared the exemplar work with my year 11s and it's really helped them to understand what the examining board requires of them.

    For the question you're enquiring about it says:

    What is the relationship of your composition to its context?
    Any piece of music written will fall into a particular context and reflect the style of a particular genre. It is in this section that candidates will set out how their piece relates to this context. It might be that the composition is a pop song, a string quintet, a percussion piece, a piece in a minimalist style, a showcase for a single instrument, a pastiche in the style of a specific composer, style or period.
    Candidates should explain the extent to which their composition reflects the genre or style and, where appropriate, a historical period.

    So for instance, a couple of my students have written pieces in the style of hard rock (their link to the Western Strand being an exploration of single line melody, polyphonic, homophonic and antiphonal texture) and in relation to this question they have talked about use of distortion on guitar and drum fills. I have to admit, this has been the most straightforward response to this question! ?Any piece of music written will fall into a particular context and reflect the style of a particular genre????? Not in my GCSE class!!!

    One of my students wrote a love song to his girlfriend and they split up just before he was about to record his vocals. The lyrics suddenly completely changed overnight and now don?t fit the accompaniment at all and feature some spoken work sections that remind me a bit of William Shatner:


    I?m very tempted to put this information (about his relationship problems) on his CRF but fear it wouldn?t be appropriate. There?s every chance he might explain it himself in his appraisal; oh I do hope so! I would love the examiner to understand the context of that song!

    Hope this has helped and good luck! Not long now!

  3. HebdenH

    HebdenH New commenter

    Oh I hate it when I type a response in word and then the flaming formatting isn't recognised and renders my beautifully formed paragraphs etc into an indistinguishable blob of text. :(

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