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AQA GCSE Media Studies

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by lukedenny1983ld, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. I was hoping someone could help me with a few issues. My school did not allow me to attend any of the controlled assessment seminars and now I am panicking as I don't know if I have approached the controlled assessments correctly. All work is completed but I do not know how much work there should be, I have had no help and I am concerned that my controlled assessments have been more like the old coursework, all work has been done in class but is Media Studies similar to the new English GCSE where you are meant to include classroom notes. The specification is terrible and with regards to marking then well, lets not go there.
    Any ideas or help would be much appreciated
  2. Okay, deep breaths.
    Our school has just started this spec this year; we're finishing the second assignment for Unit 2 now, and starting the third shortly, so I'm by no means an expert. But no, the pupils don't need to have notes as in English CA.
    Is there no one else teaching it other than you? Will you moderate? If so, that shold alleviate some worries about whether you've done it right.
    There is some exemplar work on the AQA website, could that help?

    I've got a pack from an AQA training session with levelled examples of work for each unit; if you ring u and ask, they might send you one? I've managed to do this with other AQA courses.
    Hope that helps :)
  3. lizgaskell

    lizgaskell Occasional commenter

    Hi Luke

    This is my second year of new spec and I have changed one of my choices this year in terms of CA. Last year we took soooooo long to complete Assignment ONE (we did music videos) that I have changed to the advertsising one- printed adverts. On the AQA site the example for assignment one was a magazine front cover and the annotations were quite brief but the piece is intended to be 'introductory.' I want to get the CA out of the way so that we can spend time on Action Adventure Movies for the Controlled Test.
    Remember, the work should be in proportion to the potential marks awarded so looking at this (and the word count) might help you.
    assignment ONE: 15 marks
    assignment TWO: 30 marks
    assignment THREE: 45 marks
  4. Totally agree Puss. So much so I've told AQA that I'm not moderating this year. Way too stressful and last year earned less than I did when first started moderating a few years ago.
  5. Please excuse me jumping in here, but desperately in need...
    I will be contacting AQA, local advisor etc. but hoped that someone might be able to help in the meanwhile.
    So, I took up post in September as an English teacher, the school has just moved into a new building with no traditional classrooms (large groups, team teaching etc.) and I've picked up about 60 or so Media Studies GCSE pupils (I taught a teeny bit of A Level Media during my PGCE a couple of years back). Oh, and the teacher I took this over from was HOD and took early retirement with no replacement.
    Firstly, I can't make head nor tails of CA data and folders that have been forwarded. I have his system of recording but could really do with a proper spreadsheet as pupils are at very different points. I've trawled AQA website to no avail - does anyone know if such a thing exists and where can I get it? (I should mention, I'm not being lazy here: I mostly teach English which is in a similar way and undergoing massive upheaval so time is an issue!)
    Secondly, I'm trying to plan a SOW for Unit 1: Action Adventure - any good resources, websites, time savers would be most appreciated! Again, I've got my teeth into it and started, just very frustrated at needing far more time to plan the way I'd like to!
    Many thanks in advance for any replies.
  6. Apologies for hijacking your post, but figured you guys sound like you know what you're talking about...
    I'm in dire need of help having just taken over Media GCSE from retired HOD (who has not been replaced) with little prior notice. I taught a tiny bit of A Level Media during my PGCE a couple of years back so am happy about this, however, I have inherited what I can only describe as an alien filing/recording system for the AQA CA units, plus a lot of pupils are at different points.
    I've trawled AQAs website hoping to find a decent recording/tracking spreadsheet which might calculate data but to no avail. Does such a thing exist and where can I get my grubby paws on it? I could make my own but that would involve a) a bit more time and b) more skill than I have with spreadsheets to get the tracking where I want it!
    Also, I'm planning the SOW for Unit 1 topic. I've begun to develop/find some decent resources but all suggestions/time savers on this front would be much appreciated, especially as I'm being told the English dept overhaul takes priority over Media Studies!
    Many thanks for any replies/support in advance.
  7. Speaking

    Speaking New commenter

    Hi Phoebe84,
    Sorry to hear you're so stressed. There is a website called Media Edu http://media.edusites.co.uk/ that may be of use to you here. Plus, I would look at the AQA guidance on action adventure http://store.aqa.org.uk/qual/newgcse/pdf/AQA-4810-W-TRB-U01-EXTASS-2011-AAF.PDF as this may guide you more as to what AQA actually want. You could also look at the Auteur website as they have a great resource as well on action advernture films http://www.auteur.co.uk/index.php?main_section=28&textentryid=49 that is great for support.
    Let me know if you need anything else that I may be able to help you with.

  8. MrPuss

    MrPuss New commenter

    I would certainly echo Shirley's recommendation of the mediaedu website - you might need to use some of your department budget to join, but it's worth it.
    If you have been / are an English teacher, you will probably know Teachit - there are lots of Media Studies resources on there too.
    I have recently bought a folder of resources on Action Adventure films from a company called zigzag - TBH, it's no great shakes, but (without wishing to sound patronising), it would do for a newbie. Auteur are the peeps for Media text books, but I don't think their new edition of AA films has been published yet - please someone correct me if I'm wrong, because I need a copy myself.
    I'm not sure what you want on the recording / tracking spreadsheet - I can send you a copy of what I use to track my students' coursework, if you think it might help.
    I have a lots of self-written resources including some stuff on AA films - a mock exam and an introductory PowerPoint, but they are on mediaedu.
    Come back to us here, we're a helpful bunch [​IMG]
  9. Mr Puss- did you attend any of AQA's courses on Action Adventure?
    You seem quite experienced; I'm teaching this subject for the first time this year although I do haev a film studies background, and I've found AQA's material to be quite contradictory, e.g. what we were told at the meeting verses the teacher guidance published on the website. I began teaching the topic in September for one lesson a week, and following the layout on the Teacher Guidance ("a useful place to start would be the various subgenres), I taught all the different subgenres, identifying conventions of each, looking at editing and camera angles etc. Yet at the meeting we were told to stay away from subgenres... people asked about certain films, the answer being "well that's a subgenre isn't it, so probably not". We were also told that the student don't need any knowledge of technical elements like editing.
    The guidance could definitely be clearer.
  10. Shirley and Mr Puss,
    Thank you so much for your helpful advice! The media website looks fantastic and as soon as I can track down the elusive pink forms to get the money (I swear they hide them on purpose!) I think that will help pupils massively when we have the 60 of them in at the same time.
    Any resources people may be happy to share would be gratefully received:
    Thank you again, the support is much appreciated!

  11. MrPuss

    MrPuss New commenter

    Phoebe, glad to help - shout if we can help further.
    Dylan, sorry to take a while to reply. No, I didn't go to any of the AQA AA training as we have a superb CT specialist here in Hampshire who does outstanding PowerPoints each year. This year she Keynoted our Hampshire Media Teachers' Conference and as always, the depth of her research and resources was jaw-dropping.
    I'n afraid I'm rather disenchanted with AQA at the moment and either writing my own CT resources or collecting them myself. AQA appear to contradict themselves at every turn. I had an email argument with AQA about how they could possibly recommend the Die Hard films for GCSE students when the films are all 18 certificate and they came back with a pathetic excuse and then stopped replying - ridiculous!
  12. Ok here goes

    I attended the AQA Action Adventure seminar and this is waht I assumed:

    firstly watch Indiana Jones, National Treasure, Pirates (I, II or III)
    identify what makes an action adventure:
    strange locations (foreign)
    main character on a quest (NOT love, Money, Find oneself)
    side kick
    female love interest
    DONOT venture into thrillers, sci fis, romances, fantasy, comic book - keep it conventional

    Identify Conventions look for the above and comment, do they all share, similarities, differences
    the role of the women in the film
    plot- narative
    marketing and advertising in the briefest of terms (DVD covers, posters)

    If you ask AQA they will send you the pack and there is a SOW with 12 lessons.
  13. Lovely, thank you!
    I'm now rethinking my whole 'The Terminator' angle in terms of James Cameron as a director and gender roles... is it just me or do AQA fail to make this clear enough in the specification?!?
  14. MrPuss

    MrPuss New commenter

    It's not you [​IMG]
  15. Hi how do you get the 12 lesson SOW from AQA ring them or is it on the website??
  16. MrPuss

    MrPuss New commenter

    It's on the "secure" log-in bit of the website - the bit where you go to get results analysis.
    I've downloaded them, if you want to leave an email addy - or reply and I'll leave you mine.

  17. Speaking

    Speaking New commenter

    I no longer teach AQA GCSE Media Studies and cannot access the info there any more but I would love to see a copy of the 12 week SoW if you don't mind::

  18. Me too if thats ok?
    I put an action adventure mock exam on the shared area that I made last year.
    I'm confused now. On the guidance for AQA on Action Adventure, it mentions all the subgenres as if they should be covered. Did they really say not to do them? If so, what counts as pure action adventure? Is Pirates not also a swashbuckler or historical adventure for example...?
    Am I right in thinking that they only get the brief letter before the exam and don't see that actual questions until they get in there? In the past they've hinted heavily at what the questions were. Did they do this at the training day?
  19. emmac86

    emmac86 New commenter

    Hi MrPuss. Would it be possible to also send the sow to me as well as I am unable to log in to the secure bit!

  20. Hi MrPuss,
    Would love to see those lessons from the AQA website if at all possible?
    My email address is as follows:
    Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you!


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