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Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by nickm99, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    just taken over a group of 'to be' year 11s who are doing task1 'yearbook' database. As far as i can read it they have finished the database to varying standards where some have 'attached' images and some OLE'd them using links and some embedded. The problem here is we run 2010 with windows 7 with no recognition for jpg, only bmp. They next have to mail merge their database into a word document they have set up as a yearbook page. The only way I can see this is through either coding or labels. When one of the brighter students tried this it just bought up the file name. My take on this issue is that the technicians need to add Microsoft Photo Editor as this has attachments that enable this ... basically what i am saying is can someone shed light on this issue
    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Nick, I've just gone through this CA with my Y10's ... if you read through the CA teacher guidance - there is no need for them to have attached images into their database (praise those that have!). They need to create a 'student volunteer' page with all the data that they imported from the csv file into their database into a piece of software of their choice.

    Some of mine elected to mail merge - but not all. They have to transfer data: role, name and tutor group only & make the page look professional.

    I encouraged my students to export the data from the database into their volunteer page (some mail merged, some copied & pasted, others just typed it back in themselves) - it all depends on their designs.... some of mine had planned to layout their work in such a way that a mail merge wouldn't look professional for them.

    I think AQA did not intend this task to be as complicated as your students have made it for themselves.

    If it was me in your situation, I'd reinforce the details that are in the student STANDARD ANALYSIS - and bring them back on task. For the brighter ones that have attempted it - set this as an opportunity for the highest level marks in IMPLEMENTATION - and write about efficiency (exam board favourite term) and 'fit for purpose' and move them on.

  3. Hi Debbie
    Thanks for getting back to me, at least it will show not all students work will look the same. In the OCR example they showed merging into Publisher, no disrespect to them but I come from the multimedia industry and well I am not going into that one
    Thanks again, have reservations on the new system for this as the weaker ones can fall behind easily, was thinking of taking the marking grid and splitting it down to individual pages so they know what they need to accomplish but concerned that it would look like I was leading them too much



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