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AQA GCSE ICT -controlled assessment

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Blissx, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. This has been our experience too! Dreading next year a little bit but certainly spending a lot of time with the school calendar at the moment. The issues are random events that crop up and changes in trips etc that have been a particular bug bear.
    Not sure how to completely avoid this though. We have arranged to have parent meetings for each of the groups doing controlled assessments (ICT and Computing) to inform them of what exactly is involved and to try and get their support but this is by no means a solution.
  2. I don't often feel like letting the tyres down on anyone's car, but controlled assessments are proving to be a complete nightmare for us and whichever **** dreamt up this should indeed have his or her tyres let down, regularly. Trying to prepare a class for their controlled assessment over a a month when groups are constantly going out of school, being taken out for music lessons, to visit the psychiatrist, for dentist appointments, when they are ill etc etc is proving to be a real headache and especially at this time of the year. Our school has tried to plan when all the preparation and actual assignments are going to take place this year but has failed badly. It is a logisitcal nightmare. Of great concern iskeeping the students who are clearly academically challenged on task over an extended period.
    I think this is yet another typical example of an untrialled idea being thrust upon teachers and schools, who then have to spend the next 5 or 6 years proving it is a very silly idea indeed. I know our results will drop like a stone this year because of this and at a time when ICT and Computing need to fight for students more than ever before, controlled assessments will not help.
  3. Fully agree. It's a complete logistical nightmare, both in terms of timing and organising the work so that students only have access at the prescribed times. The worst is timing: I have not had a full class in a whole year, due to various events as well as individual circumstances. Are you then expected to run a multi-tiered system whereby individual students are given different deadlines? If not, then do you go with the slowest, in which case you could be doing this all year, and you can forget about teaching the theory part! I am convinced that whoever came up with this idea has not really thought about the implications, and I wish they would reconsider, because IT IS NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Many thanks for the feedback - I've got a meeting with SMT tomorrow to discuss the crisis management. One of my GCSE groups has in Y10 timetabled for Mon / Fri lesson - and have lost 7 lessons throughout the year... and again in Y11 they will be in the same slot - which without trips etc will mean that they will loose another 7 lessons ... so how on earth am I meant to manage a class that is a whole 1/2 a term behind others to complete the curriculum....

    I'll be using your messages as part of my evidence to try and crisis manage the scenario.....

    Surely GCSE ICT is already under pressure for student numbers and this is only going to make it worse with Controlled Assessment - it's mind numbingly tiring... and we've only done the 1st project .... AQA Unit 3 still to do :(

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