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AQA GCSE Humanities - Culture and Beliefs unit

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Gemden, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Gemden

    Gemden New commenter

    Does anyone currently teach this course/unit?
    I'm having to teach this in Sept so having to write the SoW as this is a new course for us. Can manage the Beliefs bits but having problems producing 'interesting' lessons on the Culture sections as it seems more Sociology and History based than RE. Having to base lessons on the text book but as this will be for low ability students lessons needs to be more engaging.
    So just wondered if any one could offer any help or advice - have tried the Social Sciences forum but no responses yet and there isn't much in the Resources section either so don't think it is a popular course!

  2. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    When I think of culture it does not make me think of sociology and history, more of art, music, food, dress and customs. Because RE has to connect with our students own experience I would get them thinking about their own culture - and if there are students from different ethnic/cultural backgrounds, explore those too. Then link this with whatever is required in the syllabus. It is not a unit I have ever done but it sounds quite interesting.
  3. Gemden

    Gemden New commenter

    Thanks Durgamata
    Have already started the unit with those very suggestions - and compared with another European culture and contrasted with a primitive culture.
    It's when the text book goes on about more Sociology themes such as socialisation, identity, subcultures, nature v nurture that I'm having problems making it engaging!
  4. I have left you a message as I have taught this unit last year to Yr 9s mixed ability GCSE option class in one year, but alot of low ability in the class. I was in exactly the same position as you last year about teach this for the first time and left a similar message as yours on here. Doing again in Sept to two classes of Yr 9s in sets. I have all resources and lessons I will share with you. J x
  5. I have messaged you as I was in the exact same position last year about teach this for the first time to a Yr 9 option group n..... I got through it but it was very hard work. A great course but tricky material to get over in a simple way to low ability Yr 9s with behaviour issues, I have all the resources and PPs for this unit and I am about to teach it again in Sept to two option classes in Yr 9. Jx
  6. Gemden

    Gemden New commenter

    Thanks for getting in touch - you have mail!
  7. I am now in the same position as the person that started this feed Please could I have any useful material to help me with teaching Culture and beliefs? Id really really appreciate any help!
  8. Gemden

    Gemden New commenter

    You have mail!
  9. Hello, I'm a little late for this thread but in a similar boat. I'm starting to deliver this course in Sept and would appreciate any and all support. Thanks, Marty
  10. Hello, I'm a little late for this thread but I'm starting to deliver this course in Sept and would appreciate any and all support. Thanks, Marty
  11. Gemden

    Gemden New commenter

    Have sent you a PM!

  12. I am an NQT and with another NQT we've been tasked with writing SoW for Units 1 and 2 (culture and environment) so any help would be great.

  13. Hi,
    I'm currently HOD at a school who are putting increasing pressure on humanities to cater for all students with the E.Bacc etc etc. Anyway, i'm trying to find an alternative to offer the LA students who find History or Geography difficult. I've had a look at AQA Humanities and it looks really straight forward and accessible. However, i've also been searching for resources and its limited.
    Can anyone enlighten me?! Is it as straightforward and enjoyable as it looks? how is it to teach? Where do you get resources from (apart from making you're own!!) and do the kids enjoy it?!


  14. Hi Jenny,
    I am a HofD in RS and whilst we have only taught Humanities from Sept 2012 we have 44 students in 2 groups and lots of enthusiasm. We have developed our own resources, and would be happy to share. We have the 2 core units culture and beliefs and environmental ethics catered for. Where are you at with planning for Sept? If I can be of any use let me know.
  15. Please share with me too if you can!Really struggling.
  16. Hi

    would you be able to share any of these resources with me, please? Just started teaching it before half term - we've got as far as concept 2 in Culture and Beliefs.

    Many thanks

  17. Hi,

    I am teaching Humanities GCSE in September and need to create a scheme of work on Culture and beliefs. I have started to create some lessons but would appreciate any resources anyone is willing to share. Thank you, Marium
  18. Hi - am writing core1 culture & beliefs over the summer for our Yr10s to start in September! If you could possibly send me info / resources that would be fantastic. Thanks JC

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