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AQA GCSE Graphics - moderated down by two grades - any advice?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by keffels, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Personally I thought the same thing, however, i've found that the quality of the eportfolios far exceeds their hand produced counterparts.... the solution.....
    Print the sample to be moderated and send them. Leave the rest saved electronically. This saves on space, time, and its very difficult to back up excuses like... "I left it on the bus" or "Its still at my dad's house" or "I lost it somewhere in Science" and even that olde favourite "I gave it in to you, you've lost it!"

  2. Keffels
    From what I have been told it will depend on what the second moderator finds. They can recommend that the board accept the moderator marks rather than apply the regression in the case of a small cohort where the work of every candidate is seen. I understand that this is not the normal procedure but I have it on good authority that it can happen. The major poblem with the whole system is that the moderator has no idea what the impact of regression will be. They can check that the system can cope with any differences by running a check on line (moderator left himself logged on during a visit some years ago) but it only reports that the marks can be regressed, not that the result may be a dramatic adjustment. I would appeal and see what happens.
  3. it is not the moderator that changes the grades there is a regression programme which can be ruthless if a centre is out of tolerance. If you feel the feedback is woolly and unhelpful contact the board they should go back to the moderator for better feedback for you also consider using the coursework adviser now for the new spec although they will be unable to comment of the changes made to your grades this year. You can request a centre re moderation although in theory a senior moderator would have been consulted as your marks were so out of tolerance. This will cost you if the mark changes are upheld
  4. Okay, Monday morning 11th October just got results back from re-moderation. NO CHANGE.
    Not even one mark from a cohort of 43. This is wrong. I know grade A students would have been grade A in any year. Examination paper was poorly done, except that when I checked against similar schools the performance was not that bad. So it came dow to C/W which was severely moderated down. The examination in DT Food and DT Electronic Products were nationally marked higher suggesting that both these exams were easier / more straightforward. The grade boundaries for DT Graphic Products were very tight ( 3-4 marks) reflecting few passing the grade C boundary compared to the other two subjects. Bracing myself for SMT visits. Cannot see a happy outcome. After 27 years of teaching without ever having C/W dropped one mark for both GCSE and A level, this savage moderation ( 20+ marks taken off C/W ) is difficult to understand. Pressure will now be to reconsider my future.
  5. I am feeling for you. Did they say why the marks for CW were down.
    All I can say is that Controlled Assessments are new so we will all have to see how they fair. I am doing OCR and I'm not feeling that happy. Two controlled assessments I thought a good idea but for each CA they seem to have to do loads for just a few marks at the start of each one. Feed back from moderator on the first unit was that I had been generous, but not so generous that marks had to be adjusted. I just know that with the old Coursework the students would have done better but lets be honest we gave specific advice which is no longer allowed. I am waiting to see what the results nationally will be like next summer. I do hope all teachers DO stick to what we are meant to do.
  6. I'm not sure what you say about grade boundaries really affects your situation.
    The following information is from AQA's website.
    The actual grade boundaries for the scaled marks - which takes into account the different weightings for coursework and coursework were.
    Higher tier (350 max) A* 311 , A 286, B 259, C 233.
    Foundation C 212, D 178, E150. F 120, G 90
    The higher tier boundaries for Electronic Products, Food technology and Graphic products were all 233, so presmably as they all have the same coursework boundary the C boundary was the same also.
    Was a reason given for the adjustment to coursework?
    Re-moderation is a process for checking the work of the original moderator, but individual candidates are not adjusted - it is the whole sample.


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