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AQA GCSE Graphic Communication

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by Zoki59, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. I just started in September with the first cohort. It isn't my specialism by any means but you only have to have a good eye and be a step ahead of the kids, it's great fun. We began with theory stuff, understanding typeface and how to choose appropriate ones. Then a bit about colour and layout. We looked at illustration and turned an observational drawing into a watercolour and collaged illustration looking at children's illustrators. Then they designed a leaflet for a children's nursery. They have since designed menus. We are going to make animations for tv adverts next I think.
  2. Hi,
    I am also teaching this- this is my first year of teaching it. I noramlly teach just art and design. I am struggling to be sure i am covering everything i should be covering. My degree was illustration. Would love to visit schools that are teaching this, I am Oxford based.
  3. Hi Zoki,
    I am about to start with designing an Album Cover- do you have any good ideas or resources? I am struggling a little with this. This is my first year of teaching Visual Communication.
  4. Hi Lost_at_sea,
    Where abouts in London are you? I am really wanting to visit schools who teach Visual Communication to Gcse level. I am really struggling to teach this. This is my first year of teaching Graphics. I normally teach just art and design.
    Thank you
  5. Zoki59

    Zoki59 New commenter

    Hi, Was wondering if there was any GCSE Graphic Communication teachers in the North West that perhaps could visit my school to perhaps come and moderate my Graphics marking? I could also, in turn do the same.
  6. Zoki59

    Zoki59 New commenter

    Also, does anyone have any ideas of tasks that can be done for the Assessment Objectives? I am happy to share mine, but think I need some more to add the ideas bank!
  7. Zoki59

    Zoki59 New commenter

    Anyone teach this in the North West area?
  8. Zoki59

    Zoki59 New commenter

    I have done an Album Cover project, Clothing Logo Project, Poster Design Project, and Perfume Packaging Project so far. But need more ideas now!
  9. gdoolan84

    gdoolan84 New commenter

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