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AQA GCSE English Language submission questions...

Discussion in 'English' started by GloriaSunshine, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    My understanding is that you must submit notes sheets as said (but only for the folders called, of course). For spoken language, you should also submit their data such as transcripts. For speaking and listening (we haven't been visited), we are submitting the marks, and for the folders called, we will send in the candidate sheets with the marks and summaries from our assessments. We are getting the students to complete and sign all three candidate sheets (as we always have) but we are only going to fill in the teacher parts for the folders called. From this year, we are using the candidate sheets to record speaking and listening assessment notes.
  2. EmmaBB

    EmmaBB New commenter

    There is NO need to send any commentaries on Speaking & Listening. Moderators are for written coursework only, Just keep your records for your 3 yearly visit when they want to see them.

    Notes & transcripts go off with called for controlled assessments as said above. Different moderators for English / Lang / Lit. If they didn't use a notes page I think they want a blank one attached so they know you haven't just forgotten to submit it. You might want to get the pupils to sign it as well.

    7th May yes but remember it's a Bank Holiday.

    Last minute re-do all day tomorrow with 30. Argh!!!! Roll on Spring Bank.
  3. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    But, Emma, on the candidate sheets, there is space for teacher notes or commentaries. Surely, when the folders are called, these candidate sheets will have to go in with the CAs?
  4. EmmaBB

    EmmaBB New commenter

    I was told we wouldn't by both my AQA bod person thingy who came in for a visit and some piece of paperwork/update on AQA somewhere. Just that they were needed for our verification when they come in person.

    If I had a spare second I'd find it but I'm snowed under.

    I hope I'm not wrong now :-s
  5. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    We were told on a course that we needed to keep notes etc for moderation visits. However, the kids have signed the candidate sheets for the S&L units and written on the task. Surely, we'll have to fill in the teacher comments? Heads over to trawl the AQA site ...
  6. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    Well, it does say, do not send speaking and listening sheets to the moderator, just the marks. That ties in with what we've all been told ... so why the Candidate forms for that unit?
  7. hardbastard

    hardbastard New commenter

    You DON'T send in any S&L documents - just the grades the students got. Have had this confirmed. AQA have done this tro reduce teachers' workloads. Aren't they fab?
    Some of my students' 'notes sheets' have dissappeared so they'll just have to whistle. This is a ridiculous ask - I have about 100 students' work to be sent off - with the cover sheets, and a 1 page transcript per student, that's SEVEN SHEETS OF A4 PAPER PER CANDIDATE before we even think about the actual coursework pieces!! Madness!! 700 sheets of admin. Grrrr....
  8. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    You don't send students' work off - just the marks. You only have to send a sample and you'll get the names after the moderator has the marks.

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