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AQA GCSE Engineering

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by PollyB, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. It is Resistant Materials mixed with Electronic products in equal portion. Not a bad spec and much more restrictive in project than most which can help the less able. Don't panic, sort out some nice metalwork projects for the first year, hopefully cover some systems as well, finish off by entering one of the Young Engineers Competitions. This will give you time to get your head around the spec.
    Are you close to Cheshire? If you are then you could pop over and see what I have done so far...
    Important point is that it is impossible to get max marks without 3 different types of CAM. Absolutely impossible. So if the school want you to deliver this to a good range of abilities you will have to tell them to get you enough resources.

  2. Those would be fine, actually making a PCB using a piece of computer printed tracing paper also counts.
  3. <address>I introduced Engineering into our school (St. Christopher's CE HS Accrington) 2 years ago and our pupils have just handed in their projects for assessment.</address><address></address><address>Like you I am a past engineer of many years experience and have been teaching for 7 years.</address><address></address><address>I decided to let pupils choose from the options of a Can Crusher, Clamp or Table Lamp however when it came to the making aspects, all of the pupils decided that their designs would be too hard to make and asked me to provide drawings for them to plan and make from. </address><address></address><address>I offered a tool holder c/w tools for a DIY magazine (they laser cut acrylic sheet and folded it with a hot wire strip heater, used the laser to cut out a ruler, made a centre punch on the metalworking lathe and finally made a screwdriver involving lathe, riveting, forge and heat treatment practices).</address><address></address><address>Other pupils made a junior hacksaw with the handle cut out of aluminium plate, the bar bent from 10mm mild steel, the adjusting screw from stainless steel covering lathe and thread turning skills and then thread cut their own locking nuts.</address><address></address><address>Our Y11 pupils go on study leave in mid May and i would be more than willing for you to visit our school and see the design folders and making.</address><address></address><address>Graham Brooks - Head of Graphics, Resistant Materials, Engineering (KS4) and Product Design (A Level)</address>
  4. I'm due to start teaching the engineering (single award) in september.
    After looking around i think a visit to another school is the only way i am going to get anything useful. I have asked AQA if there are any centres teaching this nearer to my school but suprise suprise no response to that question.
    Is the offer still there for a visit?
  5. Very welcome to visit Wrexham...
  6. If your in Yorkshire, your welcome to visit my school. We have started this year and the pupils are loving it.
  7. I find the coursework great, very easy to administer and mark BUT the exam can be a problem as Engineering is such a large subject to draw on. The Examiners can be a little like kids in a sweet shop when they set the questions.
    I wait, with nervous anticipation, for this year's exam as lat year's was designed to put kids off at the first question. This was actually quite easy for them and we had covered the knowledge needed but wrapped in a very extreme circuit diagram.
    I suppose it split the sheep from the goats but this is usually something for later in the paper IMHO.

    Good luck, it is a good subject but make sure you include 'theory' topics in identified/timetabled lessons and don't spend all your time in the workshop. This is not ResMat, the coursework and exam are weighted away from the practical. My kids take their practical home in June as there are little or no marks for it.
  8. Tecteach where are you based I;m interested in touching base.
  9. Hi. I'm an NQT based in Wigan, living in Manchester. Took over AQA Engineering at our school this year and going through final marking now to submit them. We've just doubled the numbers for next year as a department so would love to get together with a few of you to bash heads and see how our coursework compares and what schemes of work you use to deliver the content. My speciality is Product/RM/Graphics so just doing what I think is correct based on the exemplars at the moment as previous teacher has just retired!
  10. Have also just uploaded a mock exam I created to the resources. Let me know what you think.
  11. Johntudor7

    Johntudor7 New commenter

    Would you recommend this course rather than Btec engineering?
  12. The problem with Btec is them being accepted by colleges, we have pupils who left last year utterly shocked that our local college would not accept them. They ended up going to college to retake GCSE's in order to move on with their studies.
    My AQA coursework moderator was great when I asked about adapting a controlled assessment task. I am currently working on a new task light project getting it ready for next years cohort in September. Maybe it is time to set up an Engineering Surgery facebook page? I know the product design one has been very successful.

  13. Sounds like a great idea tecteach!
  14. drummerman

    drummerman New commenter

    I know that some of you have already 'liked' my Facebook page. Thank you once again. My pupils have benefitted from using it as a revision tool. I just put links to pages (webpages, youtube videos etc) on the page to get my pupils ready for the exam. Like I say, it has improved my pupils performance in mock exams during the past 12 months. Pupils from all over the country are 'likeing' it now too, and I can see that they're using it as a revision tool (from the administrator section). It's Engineering@YJB. Please feel free to have a look and get back to me if you think it could be improved.
  15. Is the offer still out there for a visit to Yorkshire. I'm in Lincolnshire so not too far away. I want to start the coursework in May and would really like to see some folders and practical work so I know the standards to aim for.

    Or if you have electronic versions of folders etc could you send me a sample please.

    Thanks jo
  16. A little far I think I'm over in Lincolnshire. If you have any electronic versions of folders etc that you are willing to share I would be very grateful.
  17. AQA hold a list of centres and teachers who have given permission to share their details with other centres. To be added to, and to receive details of local centres, please contact the subject team on 0161 957 3334 or e-mail engineering@aqa.org.uk

    You may also be interested in our Level 1/2 certificates in Engineering, further details can be found on our website or by contacting us on the details above.
  18. Hi There,

    I am due to start teaching AQA GCSE Engineering (single award) at the end of summer term. I too am after seeing if there are any schools in the Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire area who currently teach AQA GCSE Engineering would be able to accommodate me visiting to see how you are running the course.

    Many Thanks


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