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AQA GCSE Drama: how many controlled assessments do you do?

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by IsmenesSister, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Hello
    Good question - I'm interested to hear the results on this one as I always feel that I can improve. I let the holidays guide me as I worry about loss of focus over the breaks. I lay out the course like this:
    Year 10
    Term 1 - Physical theatre CA (creative adaptation of a story) - to stretch the pupils and show them that GCSE is different to KS3. Also gives them the chance to really push the boundaries and use their creativity.
    Term 2 - Acting CA (the scripted unit) - to help pupils refine a character and develop their acting skills. I've know them a term so it is easier to cast them. It also means that they are willing to take risks in their interpretations of scripts as they gained confidence in exploring over the previous term. I try to do something very generic but encourage them to transpose the era or add a twist.
    Term 3 - Technical CA. I find the summer term chaotic with exams and activities, so rehearsals are always interrupted. As we are doing a Summer production, I have decided to teach my group a range of technical skills (puppetry, mask, set and costume design) and they will then choose a focus to develop. They then produce the required pieces for the school performance, which they will be assessed for.
    Year 11
    Term 1 - Thematic Devised CA. Drawn from a stimulus that pupils have researched over the summer.
    Term 2 - Acting CA (scripted) for the visiting moderator.
    Term 3 - Exam revision and a mini unassessed project depending on time and the cohort ability.

    Each term, I spend time on the written paper by getting pupils to document the lessons they learn and the process they go through with their project. I then teach a reflection around Section A or B of the exam and we do a mock paper. Live Theatre reviews for Section C are embedded throughout. I try to do 2-3 trips in each year. So to answer the question, 4 performances and one technical piece.
    Foxy - how do you map out the year? Anyone else?

  2. I do six over the two years: four in Year 10 and two in Year 11. Mainly acting and improvisation, and sometimes a devised piece. Students participating in the annual school production can also add that work, making eight in total for some.

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