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Discussion in 'Physical education' started by choccylova, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Starting up the GCSE Dance at school from September - has anyone got any good resources or handy hints because this is a mission!
    Any resources please email to rachael_leggett@hotmail.co.uk
    Many thanks for any help!
  2. Starting up the GCSE Dance at school from September - has anyone got any good resources or handy hints because this is a mission!
    Any resources please email to rachael_leggett@hotmail.co.uk
    Many thanks for any help!
  3. Hello,
    I have been teaching GCSE Dance for a year now.

    It can look a bit of a mission to start with...but really it's not.

    I went on two courses in Birmingham delivered by Pam Howard (Key Notes) The first was about how to deliver the course, where to start and what order to cover the work - very helpful
    And the second, also delivered by Pam all about the set work to cover. The resources she produces are brilliant!

    Be aware the set work changes every 2 years, so make sure you are delivering the correct work to your students (2006/07 Frontline)

    There are four main sections to this GCSE;
    Performance, choreography, appreciation and the set work

    I had three lessons a week with my year 10's, so I split it up into two theory and one practical, although this may change alittle when it gets closer to their exam.

    I have placed some work in the recource bank - just search "KS4 GCSE Dance" I will be placing more up there to help others too.

    There are not many GCSE Dance teachers out there....so come on if you teach it....lets help each other out and place your recourses in "the bank"

    I am always willing to help....might not know all the answers, but together we can crack it!!

  4. Are you a dance specialist? If not then it will be pretty daunting. I've only just finished my PGCE but I originally trained as a dancer and so I think it makes things a bit easier. Although I have found the GCSE is hard to deliver because there is so much for the pupils to learn. I spent both of my placements delivering GCSE dance and developed a couple of schemes of work which I'll e-mail you if you like. They were written for year ten. Bear in mind, though, that they have been developed during my training so are not perfect.
    Another thing is join the National Dance Teachers Association. Its only £25.00 for the year and then you have access to schemes of work and resources for all key stages including GCSE and A level. They also do training days and conferences. I went to one last November and it was brilliant.
  5. Yes I am a dance specialist....that's why I thought I would post, to try and help.

  6. I will up load some more work in September....
    In the mean time, I will try to help out as much as I can here.....

    Any more Dance teachers out there, that could add their thoughts/resources (to the bank)/helpful hints/any courses that you recommend.

    Things to think about over the holidays:

    (1) Down load the GCSE Dance Specification (I'm with AQA)

    (2) When you return to work in September...have a chat to your exams officer, who will be able to down load the specification you want, examiners reporst and past papers.

    (3) Also get yourself on a standardization course.....this will give you a really good idea of all the marking systems, essential documents that you will need, about the moderation day, the set study, performance of duo/group,EPN, choreography and any concerns you have.....you need to go on this if you are the teacher delivering the course...it's very helpful!!

    I also went on a course delivered by AQA in Birmingham - you can find out about these courses from the events page on the AQA web site (that is if you are delivering AQA)

    I also recommend ordering some text books....one I use alot is called "dance composition" by Jacqueline M. Smith-Autard....I got this book from Dance Books Ltd ( He's very helpful on the other end of the phone, and knows his stuff)


    Hope this helps a bit!
  7. Just a thought....

    What four other professional works are people delivering to compare to the set work??

    As the set work is Frontline for 2006/07, I have chossen:
    West Side Story - as it is on location and is a musical (be aware you can only have one musical)
    Stomp - on location and stage
    Swan Lake by Matthew Bourne
    & Nutcracker by Matthew Bourne
  8. Thanks for your help!!!

    Im not a dance specialist and have just qualified as a PE teacher. Im starting at a school as a NQT where the dance teacher wanted to set up the GCSE dance but is on maternity leave from Sptember so will miss the first couple of terms of the course so it is down to me to get them off to a start. The school has employed a part time cover dance teacher but as she has never taught in a school before the main organisation of the GCSE falls to me although I can call upon the dance specialist for any technical support.

    If the course is starting Sept 2006 and examined spring 2008 will this be a different set study and set work???

    4 pieces we're looking into using as comparative:
    Swan Lake - Matthew Bourne
    Ghost Dances - Christopher Bruce
    Car Man - Matthew Bourne
    Car - Lea Anderson
    Although this may change when the set piece is known

    Do you think these will be ok?!
  9. Hello,

    The four professional works you have choosen are fine!
    When I went on the AQA course they made these suggestions:
    Stomp, WSS, Ghost Dances, Swan Song, Swan Lake, White man sleeps, Roosters, Cats, Tap Dogs, Still life, Cross Channel, Nutcracker,Car man Anything by Matthew Bourne.
    The set work will be more than likely different in 2008, the AQA just suggested anything that would be good to compare and contrast from the set work....I can try and find out if the set work will be different....just give us a couple of days so I can email her! (if she's still in the office over the holidays!)

    When I started in September my first term was spent delivering work on "good studio practice" - eg; personal care, nutrition (balanced diet for a dancer) effective warm ups, (& cool downs) Safe studio practice in rehearsals, Avoidance of injury, health and saftey in the dance space - temperature, obstructions, set designs, props and matching up techincal words with the correct meansing (cut & stick) eg; cyclorama, up stage etc...

    I found I kept referring back to this information in my practical lessons - eg; putting out obsticals in the dance studio.

    If you have someone in to help you with the practical lessons - get them to lead a good warm up for a coulpe of lessons, then split the class into small groups to come up with their own warm up to take in turns and deliver to the rest of the group.

    I spent a good 6 7 8 lessons on basic technique for their practical lessons. Rises at the barre, plies at the barre, good posture put into a little routine in the center. Split the class into small groups to come up with their own routines - this helps to get rid of any shyness etc for when they have to choreograph a routine later.

    Later on (November) I started to look at WSS with the students in their theory lessons, Setting them questions from the video they could answer as the video (DVD) plays...I then re-created some of the routines in their practical lessons...the students really enjoyed this and got stuck in with helping towards the choreography...(which is what I wanted!)

    Hope this helps!!

  10. Hello,
    As quoted from the AQA specification....

    "Safe practice in the performance of dance skills especially that associated with different dance techniques. For example, landing after elevation or taking weight in contact work....

    Safe practice when working or taking rehearsalswith others. For example, appropriateness of preparation for rehearsals and of movement demands for all involved."

    This can be covered in both practical and theory lessons....

    Get your students to list any hazards they can think of that would effect them and other dancers in rehearsals, or practice. Ask your students how these hazards can be avoided. Students can make a safety cheak list, and a couple of students can check this list off when entering the dance space.

    Safe practice in performance - associated with different dance technique....this will come naturally when you deliver different dance styles....for example Hip Hop has different hazards to contempoary dance.

    Taking the weight in contact work....boy what fun you can have!! This can be done as trust...falling back into someones arms, or making a pyramid with three people. In you theroy lessons go over technique and hazards, trust and good performance for the audience.

  11. hey thanks!

    Do you include clothing and footwear or cover that elsewhere?
  12. Clothing and footwear will come into safe studio practice..... I covered this under "health & safety in the performance space" this also covers the correct temperature for the dance studio, obstructions, nature of placement of set design & props.

    Hope this helps....
  13. What do you recommend in terms of clothing and footwear?

    Just interested in your views really, if you'd rather emailme that cluttering up the board then that's ok!

  14. Hello....

    I would always insist that your students have bare feet for all your practical lessons.....They have to perform in bare feet for their exam anyway!

    I had two Y10 groups last year....one group was fine about removing their shoes and socks and did it without me asking....They also wanted to introduce a uniform so they looked good in their exam...(their idea!)

    The other group was and still is very reluctant about removing their shoes and socks...I still have to phone home about this, for a couple of lessons they improve and then go back to moaning....I just keep inforcing my expectations and ring home.

    This group also feels happier wearing their own choice of clothing....I just told them It must be bare feet, 3/4 length trousers (as this shows of technique better, and they don't trip over the bottom of the trousers) obviousely trousers they can move freely in (lycra to help stretch with the body) a little top, cap sleeved, close fitting would be better.....But what they feel comfortable in at first.

    For their exam, If the students have a uniform I would get them to make some coloured sashes in the their technology classes(needle work) so the moderator finds it easier to examine them!!
  15. how do you mean they removed shoes without you asking?

    I wish mine were that well trained!
  16. 20% of this group are dancers anyway....which really helps to set high standards...as the rest will follow.
  17. Sounds a dream!!

    So the first lesson you found tthem all sat in the studio barefoot and ready to go ?
  18. After letting the students into the changing room to get ready, and then walking to the dance studio.....Yes pretty much so!

    However this did not happen with my other group....

    I have to remind them of my expectations nearly every lesson!!
  19. Reminding of expectations! tell me a bout it!

    My class of year 9s last year argued about bare feet ever single lesson, became really tiresome after a while and really affected the atmosphere of the lesson. I think I am going to let them wear trainers next year

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