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AQA GCSE D&T Textiles Technology 2011 Results

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by jax083, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. I was wondering how everyone else's results were for GCSE Textiles this year?

    I am confident in my marking abilities and have been spot on for the last 4 years. I completely understand the new spec criteria and have been on training. Yet, the moderator marked all my coursework marks by 12-14 marks! For example, one of my students had a finished dress which was very sloppy and she needed a lot of help but it was put together as well as a folder with some decent work in it. She was definitely G coursework but the moderator marked her down to a U! But she had something! Luckily she just scraped a G with her coursework and exam marks combined! Other students were also solid Ds but went to E, or As down to B, etc. I expected the exam to bomb as usual (which is why next year students are completing Art & Design: Textiles since it has a practical exam instead of written) but am gobsmacked by the coursework! Has anyone else had this issue?
  2. I think you need to ask for a remark. If she had a finished item, I am not sure that would be an U. When I was a moderator, very few itms got a U, they had to be almost non-existant or just a pile of fabric to get a U. One of my students this year, had a corset thing of which 2 seam were sewn together, and that was it. That was a U.
    As I guide I discovered this about the new spec, in relation to the old one. The more able students got higher marks on coursework in the new spec and the less able got lower in the new spec. So it benefited the able ones
    Ask for a remark
  3. I would agree I used to moderate for AQA and a finished product would usually have been a cery low C, though have to say I moved to Edexcel so haven't examined the new spec. I didn't like the AQA tasks they were too restrictive. Edexcel have much more freedom. But less designing in the exam so its swings and roundabouts I guess.
    Our GCSE marks were great 76% A and A* never had that high before on A's and A* grades. Unfortunately we had 3 C grade students who did no work for the exam and so got D overall - never had that before either!!!! :( (they weren't in my class lol but I am head of textiles so feel responsible). I haven't seen feedback for coursework yet but I don't think anyone can have been marked down.

  4. snap!....followed the examples, attended meeting, confident mark bands right although expected some downgrading. absolute disbelief when brought down so harshly[ ranged from 13 down to 7 ].
    so 84 down to 71 [ A to B ] / 76 to 64 ...as examples
    I thought my lowest 'C' grades might lose out but in fact 14/16 of our 'C' grades [ top -middle - bottom] downgraded to D.
    Our pupils did very well in their theory exam last year so these unit 2 results are a blow to their final grades.
    i will ask school to write a letter of complaint to AQA since the mderation was caried out by a senior moderator. ALL TOO HARSH in my opinion...LINZHOD
  5. Did youget the AQA CD from the feedback meetings last year? There was a Powerpoint on that which showed what marks you could give for each piece of work. So for each mark (1-32) there were practical examples! It was invaluable to me, but I am sure that a sloppy but completed dress was much higher than you are sayingyou got for it so I would check
  6. Thank you for all the feedback - I will try for a remark! Am very disappointed in AQA this year; I had a similar problem with my Art results. The moderation seemed too harsh, maybe because of the new spec and not everyone being on the same page yet. I used the CD as well from AQA but I might have to have a look at it again (for Art Textiles though since we are changing this year - my students struggle with more technical aspects such as manufacturing spec, the written exam, etc).

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