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AQA GCSE controlled assessment mark- contesting adjustment

Discussion in 'English' started by jessicajane, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. jessicajane

    jessicajane New commenter


    Has anyone else had their marks adjusted, having previously never had this happen? Did you contest it and was it successful?

    We have had ours changed for the first time ever with no real reason to explain why.

  2. i-mod

    i-mod New commenter

    I'm not sure what you mean about "no reason to explain" a reduction in marks. Your report should have made this clear. Moderators are required to record any out-of-tolerance marking on the FB report which you should have seen by now. This has to be followed by some detail of what caused marks to be out of tolerance - which could be any or all of some significant omission of an AO, or leniency in a particular part of the submission, or inconsistency resulting from unsuccessful internal standardising.

    The current very tight tolerances (3 out of 80 English Language or 90 English) make it much more likely that small adjustments are made than used to be the case when a wider tolerance made it easier to be lenient but still have marks accepted.
  3. EmmaBB

    EmmaBB New commenter

    Contested in 2013 but whilst 2nd moderator came up with entirely different comments and there was no parallel with 1st moderator, exam board upheld marks of first moderator.

    It was a painful process. As a result we do a lot more rigorous moderation (although our marks don't really change and it's the same staff, same marking as 2013) which I evidence with the sample and send off details of our internal moderation procedure.

    Seems to work. No complaints since...

    Good luck.
  4. jessicajane

    jessicajane New commenter

    It doesn't say anything that specific. Also they have written the name of the school incorrectly and the report is full of literacy errors. The comments on there suggest the moderator doesn't understand the specification.

    We moderated the same as last year and marked in the same way and got a glowing report!
  5. jessicajane

    jessicajane New commenter

    I'm planning to jump ship and for year 10 it doesn't exist.
  6. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    You simply need to get authorisation from your school and then get your exams officer to apply for remoderation. They will know what to do.
  7. My dept is in exactly the same boat! Whilst the report is detailed, many of their points aren't true. The sample has been sent back. Have you sent yours back?
  8. i-mod

    i-mod New commenter

    Go for re-moderation. You'd be giving yourself (and your students and parents) a lot of grief if you changed mid-way because of a moderator error. Don't do anything until you've got confirmation of the first moderation or a change as a result of review.

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