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AQA GCSE Business Studies New Spec

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by badgerbunny, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Hi

    I would appreciate a copy of the scheme of work to have a look at and to help us to plan.
    My email is Keynesianism@myway.com.
    Thank you
  2. See post 18
  3. lord sutch

    lord sutch New commenter

    Sorry for the late reply Yorick....
    I just like the format of the AQA GCSE..I liked the specimen papers and the structure...call me traditionalist..
    I take on board the comments re its just a diluted version of the A level..but..when you get into it..there are a number of differences....also..it will make the transition to A level far easier..
    Another reason is that I havent had the best of support from Edexcel in the past and the last GCSE paper was a disgrace...some of the questions were appalling...as long as a paper is 'fair' then you can't complain..I thought the last Edexcel paper sold the students short..and that was a real shame...
    AQA for me...
    but..lets be honest...business is business..99% if it is down to how you teach it....if you teach it well..the kids will like it..whatever the spec..and as far as the A level being exactly like GCSE..well...I have done edexcel for a couple of years now..with AQA for A level..and all my A level students said that the new AQA A level was just like the edexcel GCSE..maybe the GCSE isnt the problem..maybe its the A level...
    Anyway..me breaks up on Thursday...happy holidays to all and one.....
  4. Hello,

    I would really appreciate a copy too, thanks!
  5. Hello,

    I would really appreciate a copy too, thanks!
  6. hlcoups

    hlcoups New commenter

    I have posted a sow on my web site at www.time2resources.com
    and also a sample power point for 1.1 starting a business

  7. onyerbike

    onyerbike New commenter

    Hi Useful Friend (well you are now!)

    I would love a peek at your SOW and will send you any resources which I design for this course. Not that I think you'll need any....
    My e-mail is dstorey@blueyonder.co.uk
    Regards and thanks
  8. Please email me the SOW you have adapted for the new GCSE AQA Business Studies.

    Many thanks,

  9. hlcoups

    hlcoups New commenter

  10. Hi
    Anyone got any resources they would be willing to share for the new GCSE Business Studies AQA Controlled assessment 413003 please?
    Would be happy to exchange resources, I am writing a student guide but would love to see what some others have produced

    My email is Ageeson@bristolcathedral.org.uk

    Many thanks in advance


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