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AQA Functional Skills

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by finfin, May 14, 2011.

  1. finfin

    finfin New commenter

    Sorry should say Mays paper...
  2. We also did this in May. Not totally looked at the paper yet, but I think that there is one of the e-mail tasks that was Level 2 rather than Level 1 - the candidate had to find an e-mail from a person (who had sent two of them), then find the right file, save it and reply to someone, CC'ing it to someone else. For the low-ability students, I think this is too much.
    It will be interesting to see the pass mark as it was 40/80 in January. Our kids also think that January's paper was quite a bit easier. Most kids seem to have finished with about 10-15 mins to go whereas the summer lot quite often hadn't finished.
  3. brush75

    brush75 New commenter

    As above ... I put three groups of Year 10 through it as well as the Year 11s who want to do diplomas next year. Not a single student out of 100 finished everything in the time. In January the exam was timed about right. I feel a complaint to AQA coming on...
  4. brush75

    brush75 New commenter

    (This was Level 2 by the way)
  5. finfin

    finfin New commenter

    Thanks for replying. Im going to make a complaint to AQA next week...
  6. finfin

    finfin New commenter

    How were peoples results?

    All I can say, they must have lowered the pass mark for level 1 as mine were pretty good. Maybe my complaint worked[​IMG]

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