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AQA Functional ICT January - need the level 2 paper!

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by catch222, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. catch222

    catch222 New commenter

    I didn't think they were available...
    I have the original files but not the question paper, so no use :(
  2. Have you looked on the e-AQA secure materials part of the site? It might have been uploaded there already?
  3. I use OCR but I imagine the rules are similar - my understanding is that practice using previous papers in not allowed. Unused papers due to absence are to be returned/destroyed. If I have this right, I assume that the whole idea is that students should not treat the course as coaching to pass a particular flavour of test, rather that they have the skills that would allow them to pass in a variety of novel situations. I also seem to remember that you're not supposed to hold classes during test week.
  4. Why are previous papers made available then?
    They will be on the secure part of the site in March, I just wanted them earlier that's all.
    With it being a new course all we have are one set.
    Never met a teacher who doesn't use past papers.

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