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aqa french results

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by MoragCooper, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Has anyone had their results yet? Any thoughts on marking of writing and moderation of speaking?

  2. lifereallyistooshort

    lifereallyistooshort New commenter

    Definitely some disappointing unit 3 and 4 grades. German and Spanish are fine, but French needs another look
  3. I thought as much. Not sure what went wrong with the writing or maybe it has been too harshly marked?
  4. Yes, I found mine on e-AQA this morning.
    Moderation of speaking was OK, with marks more or less in line with our centre.
    Writing marks were rather disappointing and seem quite inconsistent (big surprises at both ends). We marked them ourselves unofficially, and it seems odd that we could have marked the speaking fairly accurately but not the writing.
    Unfortunately, it looks like they have raised the writing and speaking grade boundaries from the (limited) 2010 entry, so, for example, this year you needed 56 out of 60 for A* in writing, and 52 for A (i.e. 26 in each controlled assessment).
  5. I'm also very disappointed with some of the German writing marks. It seems very inconsistent. Speaking marks seem to have remained the same or thereabouts. I unofficially marked the writing -look at these examples
    • Pupil 1 - I predicted 83 UMS, AQA gave 71 UMS
    • Pupil 2 - I predicted 86 UMS, AQA gave 86 UMS
    • Pupil 3 - I predicted 90 UMS, AQA gave 90 UMS
    • Pupil 4 - I predicted 86 UMS, AQA gave 71 UMS
    How can I have judged several exactly as they did, and get it so wrong for several others?!! This has meant a difference of a grade for several of my pupils. A lot less A* than I had hoped...[​IMG] and this was a great class.... it's definitely going to lose me a couple at A Level unless all other subjects have been dealt the same blow.... and I doubt that....
    Bah. I'm away to walk the dog.
  6. chickenkiev

    chickenkiev New commenter

    I agree that the writing marks were quite different from what I had predicted, and not in a good way, although I had some really weak candidates ending up with a C, and I can't for the life of me explain how.
    However, I had been really worried about the results in the higher listening, but the grade boundaries in the end were very generous (same for the higher reading).
  7. We also self marked our writing as a department and apparently on one student we overmarked by 10 marks over the 2 pieces and 2 other students we undermarked by 4/5 marks over the 2 pieces!!! [​IMG] The rest was more or less one mark off the final mark over 2 pieces!!
    Very worrying...[​IMG]
  8. bishoph

    bishoph New commenter

    I also would agree with the discrepancy between how I provisionally marked the writing in school and what the AQA marking turned out to be. A couple of candidates were marked much lower that I thought they would be.
    The speaking marks that I gave were honoured, so I don't see how I could have been out so much in the writing for one or two candidates. One pupil who I thought would get a C in writing ended up with an E.
    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels like this.
  9. Exactly the same for us, the speaking marks were all honoured but huge discrepancies with what I would have given them in the writing and what AQA gave them. This has of course had a knock on effect on their overall grades.
  10. I don't have our breakdown yet, but our results were very disappointing.
  11. crabbie_pirate

    crabbie_pirate New commenter

    We have very disappointing unit 3 and 4 grades also in French, they are the speaking and writing aren't they?
  12. Our French speaking results were spot on, thankfully, but the writing was given slightly lower marks than we predicted.
    However, it is Spanish speaking I have a greivance with. All of our pupils have had up to 5 marks taken off EACH speaking task!!
  13. westnab

    westnab New commenter

    Although I'm pleased not to be alone in this, it does make me think there's no point putting in for a remark.
    My cwk marks were hardly ever marked down, so I don't see why the writing CA has come back so different from what I'd predicted. I guess it was the same people who marked my A-level essays... Again German and Spanish don't seem to have suffered in the same way. When I marked the written CA, I deliberately marked harshly to avoid this situation! However AQA have marked even more harshly.
    What makes me even more cross is we had a couple of native Mandarin speakers whom we entered and they had to conduct their own speaking CAs with us in the room (AQA agreed this as we couldn't find a Mandarin speaker to examine them). We then asked each of them a few questions about how their peer had done and what they had said and gave them a mark based on this, since we knew they would be moderated anyway. Guess what - AQA agreed our marks! Yet my marking of the French writing is inaccurate! Nonsense!
  14. Very depressing set of results (AQA German GCSE). They appear to have had issues with my assessment of the writing component (but I've only been teaching German GCSE for 20 years, so I guess I still have a lot to learn....). All writing marks pushed down - the comment sheet suggests that I should not be so lenient on Content marks in the 7-8 band. Some bizarre marks on the speaking too. Listening marks not great either - some pupils getting A* in 3 skills and then a C in the Listening?!
    Should I just give up now?
  15. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    I don't understand, how come you were marking the writing and giving the marks to the exam board?
    I was feeling fairly happy with my results, which were in line with expectations, until I got the feedback form from AQA and read that they thought 3 of my speaking marks were "lenient". Yet they didn't change them! Probably too much work for them isn't it. Oh well, the grades I gave were the same as the three pupils got in the other units, so that examiner can think all he wants, but it still annoys me that they disagree enough about my judgement to put it in writing.
    I was a little surprised with the writing, but thankfully it didn't affect the grades. I seem to have been generous at the upper end (some of my 58s came down to 56s) and harsh at the lower end (sometimes by as much as 8 marks overall). Generally for the writing though, they were in line with what I thought - I gave myself a gold star every time I got the same total as the examiner.
    Ultimately, we've only got two more years of this CA charade, and then it's back to the lottery of getting someone fair/competent to judge the speaking exams. I hate how so many of us hard-working and dedicated people are made to feel so worthless every August because of subjective marking...
  16. marmot.morveux

    marmot.morveux New commenter

    Bizarrely, for once, I'm actually happy with our AQA marks!
  17. Has anyone looked at the Enhanced Results Analysis for the marks awarded for each component of Unit 4? I was initially surprised at the totals given for Unit 4 but when I've totted up each individual component, the totals seem to be wrong - and , no, I'm not getting confused between raw marks and scaled marks or UMS. For example, one candidate was awarded 45/60 for unit 4 but when I've added up each component, he gets 54. There are other discrepancies too; most of them work against us but one or two work in our favour. Does anyone else have experience of clerical errors like this? Have had to go through each candidate's individual component scores and add them up to see which are wrong and then work out which are worth querying for a grade change. It's taken me all day and I'm not a happy bunny!
  18. Have you clicked on the link which says "Why mark totals may differ from the final marks"? That might explain a small variation, but a difference of 9 marks seems strange.
  19. Yep, clicked on that link too but it only explains how adjustments are made and I don't think that's what's happened as the discrepancies are all for different amounts and, surely adjustments would be the same across the whole group. Am very confused! Also, 5 of my candidates are missing entirely from the unit 4 breakdown so I have no way of checking their component marks. It all looks a bit fishy to me. No problems or discrepancies with Spanish, just French.
  20. I think we do need to say something, with such discrepancies and inconsistencies, it is not fair on the students and apart from anything we need to understand how AQA have arrived at their marks.

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