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AQA French 2016

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by marmot.morveux, May 17, 2016.

  1. marmot.morveux

    marmot.morveux New commenter

    Hi everyone,
    So what di you think of the French exams today? I feel that the foundation papers were fair, but the higher tier papers, particularly the last two questions of the reading paper very hard - what do you all think?
  2. letitsnow

    letitsnow New commenter

    Mine found the listening harder than reading, particularly the selfie questions. I think it not being one of the set topics threw them a bit.

    I felt the texts were very long for higher with lots of distractors.
  3. maa09

    maa09 New commenter

    I agree that the foundation seemed fair but that the higher was tricky. I liked the fact that the style of questions was often familiar with quite a few P, N PN and T, F or ? .
  4. alisonemmataylor

    alisonemmataylor New commenter

    Our students found the higher listening paper a real challenge! Personally I think that some of the contexts were ridiculous and out of our students' reach and experiences eg. A day of the skirt!????? E cigarettes? , some new style questions, very few examples at higher listening from question 10 onwards. We haven't even taught selfies and e cigarettes at A level!
  5. Algal

    Algal New commenter

    Hi - our students were really down after the listening exam. There were a lot of tweets countrywide about the subject matter of the exam,

    https://twitter.com/search?q=aqa french 2016&src=typd

    And there is even a petition to lower the grade boundaries!


    To cap it all, we have had a parent complain about this paper wondering if her child had been away when we had taught about vaping, ecigarettes, cross-dressing, selfies and an orange badge I had never heard of - even though I have lived in France. I have just come across a Youtube clip about the exam if you want cheering up. My Spanish teacher colleagues are now concerned about tomorrow - but there are some pointers at the end of the clip!

  6. newkidsontheblock

    newkidsontheblock New commenter

    The higher tier French GCSE AQA reading and listening papers were fine in my view. I did insist throughout the year to my year 11 top ability groups to always justify their answers from a text when they were completing a reading task. I was ever so pleased that questions 5 b and 5d on page 9 of the higher tier reading papers tested Y11 ability to read in French by asking for a justification and a comprehension. That is then they realised why I was always insisting on justifying their answers when they replied in class reading activities. My top ability Y11 found the reading paper very easy and the listening paper was quite hard for some of them due to the poor sound quality in the exam room and probably some nerves! :D
  7. newkidsontheblock

    newkidsontheblock New commenter

    I have to admit as a French native speaker and as I have had the pleasure to teach in 17 years la crème de la crème of year 11 this year, I did train them well to work on longer paragraphs ( not to be trapped and tricked by the examiners!) and to what is required for each question. My year 11 were not put off by any vocabulary challenge as they have been taught the "can do attitude". I have not had a year 11 medium and low ability this year but that top set year 11 was exceptional! I know the coming years, it is going to be difficult to get a Y11 of their calibre! You have all done a great job this year: tap on your shoulders!

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