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AQA Food Technology Exam 2011 Savoury Bread products

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by pspit27, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. rosehill

    rosehill New commenter

  2. rosehill

    rosehill New commenter

  3. please could i have a copy :)

  4. Hi I have it in paper form, but if not too much trouble could you email me an electronic copy?

  5. pineapplebun

    pineapplebun New commenter

    Could I have a copy please, it would be really helpful, I need all the help I can!
    Thank you :)
  6. AQA has a program called Exampro for Food Technology which includes old exam questions, and answers and is a way to create your own exams or revision questions. You can find out more at AQA about it, but with my brief look at it so far, it looks quite good and should be quite useful.
    In regards to the preliminary material I was guessing that it would be best to look at different types of bread products that could be used with dips, maybe making pita bread and then turning them into a type of flavoured crisps that could be used with dips or maybe bagel crisps, crostini, bread sticks, etc. I'm getting my students to search different types of dips and how they could be changed for specific requirements.
    I'm not sure if any of this is any use to anyone, but if you need old exam questions etc have a look at Exampro on AQA.
  7. The sample is ok and available to download but it would be great to get the whole lot. I've not been able to find an option to download the whole guide. My budget has been used up now so I too can't afford to buy it!!
  8. Could I please have a copy of the 2007 bread exam too......thanks :)
  9. could I please have a copy, so running out of time!!! thanks
    thanks in advance
  10. No but I have been wondering about samosas,bhajis and Indian style dips- the board is keen on samosas in QC questions
  11. h, please can i have a copy of the paper?
    my email address jackiesmurph@gmail.com
    many thanks

  12. Hi,
    I have spent a lot of time working on the revision and have created a booklet covering a lot of information.
    If anyone would be willing to share what they have done, I am more than happy to email a PDF copy of my revision booklet....it is currently 42 pages of A4! I have used resources posted by others on here, but I have also rewritten last years paper along the lines of this years theme.
    I am an experienced teacher who has spent 14 years in a large Department. I am now in a school where I am the only Food teacher and I am picking up a class that had a supply teacher throughout Year 10.
    If you think that you might like to share/swap resources, please email me jackiedean@postmaster.co.uk
  13. pineapplebun

    pineapplebun New commenter

    What will you be making with your students?
    I'm thinking I will make bread sticks, naan, tortilla/nachos and blinis.
    For dips, hommous, salsa, guacamole, raita, cheese dip.

    What else will you be revising?

  14. What about scones! And, if you like the idea of giving the lesson some workplace relevance you could use this free Careers4u.tv clip. It features a Chef de Partie (Pastry) talking about her life in a professional kitchen (trays of scone destined for Searcy's tea rooms in the backgroung. You can also tick the challenging gender stereotype box and push the need for maths across a range of careers. If you do use this it would be great to know how it went.
  15. ?eh are scones a bread based dipper then?
  16. Hi
    Please could I have a copy Bread products it would be very helpful thanks
  17. Hi
    We would love a copy of the paper please email me it please as soon as you can as we hardly have any resources on this topic.
    my email is s.khwaja@goldenhillock.bham.sch.uk



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