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AQA Food Technology Exam 2011 Savoury Bread products

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by pspit27, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Ok so it is that time again. Revision schedule is due to swing into action shortly. I've been thinking about practicals such as bruschetta, bread sticks, dips such as hummus, guacamole etc and pita type snacks for revision. AQA did bread a few years ago so am looking at those questions too for revision. Anyone any other ideas as to what might come up and what we should include in revision??
  2. Bread based snack products - are we talking sandwiches/wraps/ filled croissants/ pitta breads/ pizza etc??
    savoury snack and dip products - could be anything from a pasta salad,sausage roll etc or does it mean a savoury product you would eat with a dip? but then it tells you to research savoury dip and dipper products!
    this is all very new to me so please can anyone help clarify!!!

  3. excuse me for being a bit thick but i am still no wiser and find it misleading! i think the design question is about savoury snack products and dip products. i dont think it is about dipping bread products in a dip
  4. I am no expert and certainly not intending to mislead - but the research context is bread based snacks and I would pressume linked to the design context ie the snack and the dips? I thought that the aim of this was to share ideas?

  5. oops really sorry, didn't meant to offend you pamjb. I didn't do this last year and have no idea as to whether the research context is linked to the design context. i haven't even got a copy of last years exam paper. sorry again, no harm meant.
  6. And if we remember last year when we all frantically did loads on fish & when we got the paper there was very little. The designing part is one question (usually the 2nd or 3rd qs) - although one of the larger ones, there are at least 4 other questions which might not have anything to do or very little to do with the prep sheet. Advice would be to look back over the last 3 or 4 years papers to see the trends. And preparation for the essay question is essential & we usually very little of this - this could be linked to the research aspect or anything on the specification but usually topically / in the news
    Things that frequently come up - hygiene / food safety, equipment, what went wrong & why (why did the cake fail to rise) & usually either a recipe or a label with questions associated with it - nutrition, function of ingredients etc
  7. Has any one got a copy of the 2010 exam paper or know where to find it as, iv looked on the AQA web site and either im having a dippy moment, or its just not there.
  8. Recent exam papers are on e-aqa see your exams officer for the password.
    The Prep sheet is only related to the design question - section A of the paper and worth 30-35 marks.
    All the rest is not related and will need revising. One question is also assessed for communication as well as technical content.
  9. Summer 2010 new specification paper can be found in the secure section of the AQA web site. The mark scheme and report are really worth reading to give an idea of what the students need to include for the marks available. The theme and design context will only cover Section A Designing. Section B covers the rest of the specification.
    I would also look at the previous exam papers availble for food to give an idea of question themes.
    We used the Summer 2010 paper as our mock exam as it is in the new spec format using their marks scheme.
  10. what do you think pupils should focus on for 2 design ideas?? bread snack and dip?? or any savoury snack... chicken nuggets... and dip??

  11. Hi, I think this is a difficult one this year. I was thinking of maybe getting my students to design and make breadsticks? pitta bread? and for the dips, humous, salsa, guacamol,flavoured mayonaise, olive oil/balsamic??
    For the research I was thinking of pizza,pitta pockets,paninis,crossants, wraps??
    Anyone else got some ideas to share yet? [​IMG]
  12. Chris I am making exactly same as you plus naans and greek dips and revisiting crudites for QC
    I am also going to tell them to think about indian snacks such as samosas and bhajis as they seem to come up quite often not so sure about pizzas we have had that so many times before.

    Key thing to remember this time is it is one exam for all so it will no doubt be quite straighforward in the main so it is accessible and as jilly said some of us when quite OTT last year (incl me) Longere questions for the A srtar and As
  13. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    More unusual ideas: I was in Jordan in February and we got breakfast from a Yemeni shop one morning, gorgeous bread pasty filled with cheese, frankfurter sausages wrapped in a bread dough and baked, circles of bread with crimped edges topped with olive oil and Za'atar,

    Za'atar to Middle Eastern cooking is
    like what Essence is to Emeril. Za'atar is a spice blend that is so
    versatile! It can be used on meats, veggies, rice, and breads.You could try using some grated lemon rind if you can't get Sumac.
    <h3>Prep Time: 5 minutes</h3><h3 id="rI">Ingredients:</h3>
    • <li class="ingredient">1/4 cup sumac<li class="ingredient">2 tablespoons thyme<li class="ingredient">1 tablespoon roasted sesame seeds<li class="ingredient">2 tablespoons marjoram<li class="ingredient">2 tablespoons oregano<li class="ingredient">1 teaspoon coarse salt
    <h3 id="rP">Preparation:</h3>Grind the sesame seeds in food processor or with mortar and pestle. Add remaining ingredients and mix well.

    za'atar in a cool, dark place in a plastic zip bag or in an airtight
    container. When stored properly, za'atar can be used from 3-6 months. http://mideastfood.about.com/od/middleeasternspicesherbs/r/zaatar.htm
  14. I have worked hard over this last month preparing a booklet for the AQA Food Tech Prep sheet as my pupils have their examination a month after their last lesson, it is their last exam and it is also on their 'Ball Day' - Some of my pupils have finished their Controlled Assessment and need to get onto understanding the Prep sheet- A booklet allows me to help them revise, investigate and complete practicals, while still ensuring that, absent Controlled Assessment pupils can be monitored.
    I previously worked with a fantastic group who have moved onto another Exam board. Thanks to them I am lucky enough to have a good resource pack. Like all Food Tech teachers I have very limited time - I have downloaded last years New Specs Exam and have the previous 'Bread' exam paper, but at the moment I have no time to re-word it for the new prep sheet/or review previous papers- Critical with this new 1 tier exam.
    TES - Food Tech teachers used to be a community that worked together - I have met so many fantastic people through it- IF you have something that you can contribute for my pupils revision, please e-mail me. I have cut down the booklet to a sample pdf to give you a taste of the work I have completed - If you feel you would want to work with me, please e-mail me on steph@parkerp98.fsnet.co.uk -IF you just want the booklet but are not prepared to work for it, sorry but I am too overworked to reply.
    It would be lovely to work as part of a team again.
  15. The 2007 AQA exam paper was on bread products. I have an electronic copy if anyone needs one??
  16. please see PM, thankyou
  17. I would love a copy of your 2007 AQA exam if you don't mind. ian@geordie78.freeserve.co.uk

    I was not teaching food in 2007 and don't have any of the resources from back then.

    Thank you very much for your help.



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