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AQA Food Tech prep sheet 2012- pasta products and the Eatwell plate.

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by jowilson5419, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. I have just taken this exam subject on and would love some support on the necessary revision for the written exam.Are there any resources to help with this ?
  2. I have just taken this exam subject on and would love some support on the necessary revision for the written exam.Are there any resources to help with this ?
  3. No longer do this board so cannot help BUT I thought we could not discuss prep sheets on an open forum until 1st March
  4. Jilly O is right we cannot discuss this yet- however you should look in resources section on here for ideas as others have put things up last year including me which are generic and not about the theme section
    There are also published revision books for kids though not all relevant to each board- look on Amazon
  5. GCSE Bitesize has a food tech section too
  6. I made a powerpoint last year for the exam, I will adjust that for this year to make it suitable for the new prep sheet. I have also just put a student help sheet up for the controlled assessment if that helps? The exam is coming up fast so will be moving on to that soon. Will share new powerpoint when its complete. :)
  7. thanks for that , would be a brilliant help.:)
  8. I have had a look at the new Jenny Ridgewell booklet (in draft form) available from the website that is produced to help with this. I really like it but cannot comprehend how anyone can pay £90 for it along with the powerpoint. Might be worth looking at if you are cash rich in school and really stuck.
    Good look
  9. thanks Pam , I will have a look.
  10. I have only made different flavoured pastas at the moment. We have lost a lot of lessons due to other subjects having drop down days. I'll be making a powerpoint over the holidays but feel a little short of time this year as exam is only 4 weeks after easter. Any ideas will be welcome.
  11. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    Look in the resources on here, I think there is a pasta PP, if not I've got one I can let you have.

    As well as different flavours, have you tried different shapes, testing shapes with different sauces, in nfact sauces to go with pasta, pasta bakes, eg lasagne, cannellni, ravioli, totellini, making and stuffing pasta?
  12. Hi
    I have written quite a lot of resources, recipes and scheme of work on this topic. If you look at my resources on the resources section of this site - AQA pasta revision year 11. I still have lots more to add as its a bit of a work in progress, but there are lots of starter, plenary activities recipes and plans etc for now
    Hope this helps :)
    Sarah Middleton
    username - srhmdd2
  13. Thanks so much Sarah , I will have a look.
    Jo Wilson

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