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AQA Food Tech coursework

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by pineapplebun, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if anyone could help me.
    This year I have a few students who have done well in making sure to cook 5 or more design ideas but when it came down to writing up and evaluation they refuse to. I'm in the process of marking their folders and basically they have some research but nothing else. Can I give them any marks in the making section??
    Any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. Hi,
    Yes, they should be given credit for what they've made. The other sections may not score as highly but you can only mark what they've done.

    Remember that if they've evaluated their research, this can overlap with theTesting & Evaluating section too for some extra marks.

    I hope this helps; good luck with your marking and exam prep.
  3. Although no longer doing this board, on their training days we were always told to credit the students with what we had actually seen them do - then annotate on the mark sheet that- for example - your saw them testing the food but they did not write this up. Credit them with some marks but obviously not full marks.
    I used to find this was a section that was not done as well until I made them always have the questions, radar chart etc written out before they cook each time & had them complete before they left the classroom - that way we had them in rough at least. A couple of times food did not get cook because of this - but the message soon got through that it needed to be done
    good luck
  4. Thank you both for your help! :)

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