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AQA food gcse - can anybody help with resources from the board meetings?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by marshd, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I've had to take over our y10 food group in a colleagues absence and was wondering if anyone who attended the exam board meetings 2 years ago (prior to new spec starting) or more recently can tell me if a resource disc was issued? If so can anyone email me some of the materials? I know from attending the textiles meetings that most info is given on discs now, but when I asked the board they said they can't help me. I've got the spec, just not the powerpoint stuff, and I'm assuming there would have been some.
    I have experience of teaching gcse food in the past but the way I used to get students to set out the work is likely to be different to the latest suggested ways of doing so. Also some bits are no longer required, but which bits?
    I thought it would be quicker to ask on here than play 'hunt the resources' in my colleagues room!

    Hope someone out there can help.

  2. Yes there were disks and written info booklets- have you asked AQA? contact Richard Kirkham also ask who the coursework adviser is for your school and contact her/him

    Your team leader should give you a handover file from the absent teacher? - I have already done that with my replacement so don't have the disks any more
  3. Thanks for that information. I'll give it a try but I've asked for copies of discs before and been told that the board don't hold copies (either disc or paper) as the content is the property of the person running the course!?! I've always thought that is a bit odd!
  4. Yes, I have the disc. Do you still need it? Gin.


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