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AQA English Language Unit 1 thresholds

Discussion in 'English' started by english.teacher, May 14, 2011.

  1. english.teacher

    english.teacher New commenter

    Any advice helpful!

    Currently marking mocks of Unit 1 - yes I know quite late... but unsure of threshold numbers.. does anyone know or can you guess... i think it's so unfair that students get a 'grade' but in the mocks I can't accurently judge a grade... it's a bit disheartening...

    Also, has anyone else entered year 10 in this exam on the 9th of June... am really worried I've made a mistake and should have entered them in year 11... seriously didn't leave enough time for this unit.. finding CAs took so much longer than anticipated...

    oh and if yours are doing the exam in June, when did you do your mocks?
  2. Elphaba

    Elphaba New commenter

    It really doesn't look as though we'll have any idea about the grade boundaries until at least the first lot of students have received their grades.
    We contemplated entering our Y10 students for the June exam, but have also found the CA has taken much more time than we anticipated. We're entering them in January instead.
    Best of luck with the exam.
  3. abaine2

    abaine2 New commenter

    My colleague found the grade boundaries for the new spec. out of 80 for the whole paper. Here are my approximations out of 40 for the reading paper or for both writing tasks and out of 24 and 16 for the longer and shorter tasks respectively. Comments / corrections invited.

    37-40 A*
    32-36 A
    27-31 B
    22-26 C
    17-21 D
    12-16 E
    8-11 F
    3-7 G
    1-2 U

    22-24 A*
    19-21 A
    16-18 B
    13-15 C
    10-12 D
    7-9 E
    5-6 F
    2-4 G
    1 U

    15-16 A*
    13-14 A
    11-12 B
    9-10 C
    7-8 D
    5-6 E
    3-4 F
    2 G
    1 U
  4. english.teacher

    english.teacher New commenter

    Thanks for that! I know it's all approximate, but it does help. My students did really badly on the mock - so underprepared. Hopefully when they get these back, they'll see it as a push to improve rather than give up..

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