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AQA English Language B A2 - HELP PLEASE!

Discussion in 'English' started by emmablonde, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. We started offering this subject only last year in our sixth form which means in September we are running the A2 for the first and only time. Does anybody have any year plans, or long term plans to help guide me on what to do and when. There is lots of guidance on AQA for AS but none for A2 so any info would be great! I'm struggling to work out how long is needed on each topic and what order is the best.

    Please help!

  2. We approach it like this:

    June / July (end of year 12) - introduction to Child Language Acquisition (speech) - providing them with the background information about very early speech development which they need to understand to 'get' the rest of it, but probably won't write about in an exam. The other teacher does the same with History of Language - giving them an overview of key historical and language changes. We also introduce the idea of investigations and get them to select their topic. They then have to collect their data over the holiday so that they are ready to start on their return.

    Sept-Oct half term - two thirds of lessons are spent on investigations - with us overseeing how they are getting on (keep a close eye - otherwise you have a mountain to climb come the time they hand in their draft). The other third is continuing with CLA and History. Drafts submitted just before half term.

    Nov-Dec - third of lessons on investigations - acting on advice; two thirds on CLA / History. I usually finish speech acquisition by this point. Neat drafts submitted January.

    January - Feb - History / CLA (reading) and Media texts - we judge the lessons needed for the media text on the group. Some are motivated and capable and don't need masses of guidance; others will only produce something if you take them to a room and force them to write!

    Feb-March - CLA (writing) / History. Usually 'finished' by March and can then go over everything again and do lots of exam practice.

    The reading and writing sections for CLA don't, in my experience, take as long to teach as the speech bit. On the plus side too, most of the new A Level specs seem to have a CLA element, so you'll be able to teach it again pretty soon! I don't know much about the History bit as I've never taught it.

    For investigations, both teachers do lessons with the students, but we allocate each student one teacher who is their specific mentor: they will mark their work and get to know the data more thoroughly so are more likely to be able to support with questions. We split them up based on personal interest in their topics and based on the area of language it links to (i.e .my co-teacher hasn't taught language and gender, so I will supervise any investigations that relate to that area).

    That all seems quite complicated now I've written a mini essay on it, but actually I find the A2 much more straightforward than the AS. There's plenty of time and it's good fun!


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