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AQA English Examiners

Discussion in 'English' started by fantastischfish, May 27, 2011.

  1. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter


    I'm marking paper 2 for the 3rd time this year. Have just completed my First Phase Sample Batch 1. I've found that I appear to be VERY severe this year. Has anyone else noticed that the marking seems to be much more lenient? I've found that what has been labelled as 'X-ref' is little more than two simple comments about each poem linked by 'whereas' for instance:

    "Two Scavengers is about.......whereas 'Vultures' is about...."
    In one instance, I'd given something 15 marks but it was actually awarded 19 (for the poetry). I thought this was very generous indeed.
    Has anyone else found this? Or have I just got meaner as the years have gone by?
    If this is how it works, I'm very confident for my own kids' results!
  2. yep same here
    i was within tolerance for all and green for most but was rather worried that what i had labelled as 'linkage' 10-12 was actually cross-ref 13-15
    i told my own pupils to do much better than that for cross reference so at least our kids will do brilliantly ha! (we can hope anyway)
  3. marking Paper 1 awaiting my ist 10 live samples and was told I was very harsh!!!!!!!!have done this darn spec since inception so THOUGHT I knew what it was about....so it does appear they are 'rewarding' more candidates.....
  4. yes my marking has been labelled as too harsh(Paper 1 H Lang)....Lord knows why I've taught it for yonks!
  5. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Great, not just me then!

    I too got caught out on what was consider 'cross-reference'. I barely had it down as linkage. And one script was awarded 19 marks even though I didn't think it even fulfilled all of the 16-18 criteria. I conceded that it could be considered 'best fit' somewhere in the 16-18 but not secure enough to be 19....but never mind, hopefully we'll see some great results.
    Gawd only knows what'll happen next year when we see our kids go through the new spec for the first time.
  6. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Interesting chat with team leader just now gave some insight into the thought process. I still do think there's a tendancy to be generous.
    I remember last year being labelled far too generous on a writing section that didn't use any paragraphs, despite being brilliantly written. I'd given it huge marks (for foundation) and put it into the 15-16 out of 18 band. My team leader let me know in no uncertain terms that I was ridiculous because it wasn't paragraphed and was therefore penalised right down to the 9-10 band.
    Bearing that in mind, I came across an unparagraphed script yesterday and dutifully penalised it down to the 7-8 band (I'd have put it into 11-12 for audience/purpose etc) because it had no paragraphs at all. I gave it 8 in the end, bearing in mind that even for 7-8 there's supposed to be some attempt at paragraphs, which there wasn't.
    Imagine my surprise when I'm told that it was awarded 12 by the Chief Examiner!

    I'll do my second batch today and aim to be a bit more forgiving.

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