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AQA English B Pre Release 2011

Discussion in 'English' started by isobel789, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. AQA English B Pre Release - we can start today! Lets not endlessly reinvent the wheel, can we share our resources as we have done so successfully in the past. Anything I create I will post to anyone.
  2. hardbastard

    hardbastard New commenter

    This year's booklet has clearly been thrown together. The texts are, in the main, awful, and whilst I'm not really complaining about it, a record-number of poems have been recycled from previous years, with only two fresh additions. In fact, we only get eight in total this year; a record low. It was confirmed at a meeting I attended last year that AQA had actually 'forgotten' about the need to produce a final 'Spec B' pre-release until very late in the day. Shock-horror. This, indeed, has been demonstrated by a seriously dodgy collection of media texts; even the quality of the photocopying is iffy on some of the pages! I also found it disgraceful that AQA have decided to set the paper some three weeks earlier than the usual June sitting. Seeing as most students would be doing this spec in just one year, this was an unacceptable decision, and was also given much too late in the day.
    I'll pass on my notes on the individual texts in good time, but the majority have clearly just been dumped in there. I mean, the one on BMX bikes is comedy night; there's next-to-nothing to actually analyse or say (It's clearly a text aimed at audiences who are very familiar with the product), and the extract from The Observer - the first text - deals with a topic so amazingly boring, it's almost beyond belief ("A rugby ground that has been turned into a housing estate." Great). The second one - "An interview with a disabled Liverpudlian who is very good at tennis" - might have been Ok except the writing is unfocused and seems more interested in finding out whereabouts the interviewee likes to for a good night on in Merseyside than in actually saying something about his disability and what he has achieved.
    Honestly. It's almost bad enough to drive me to EDEXCEL. But not quite.
  3. Thank God I found your post! I was beginning to think it was only me thinking this! i also teach a clas that is doing this in one year. I have been at a complete loss as to what to say about the media texts so have started with the poetry. What are they expectingthese students to write about when as you point out there is literally nothing to say. I will share resources and look forward to yours. Good Luck
  4. has anyone got anything on the two poems Homeland and A Speculation?
  5. Hi!

    It's Alina here. I'm a private student sitting the English GCSE exams this summer after I've failed last year.
    I started revising quite late and I'm really struggling with the pre-release...I've started taking private English lessons but I still need help. Any resources/materials/comments would be greatly appreciated.

    If you ever get some time my e-mail is loredanadoroftei@yahoo.com

    Many thanks,

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