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AQA Engineering

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by markandlardatemyyouth, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Is there anyone out there to help me out.
    I am delivering the AQA Engineering course this next year and am worried that there seems to be a lack of quality exemplar folders for standardisation from AQA.
    I have contacted them regarding this, as we used to get the standardisation meetings and CD rom, but on eaqa there isnt annything.
    Other subjects Food and home ec seem to have their information on there and RM have sent out their CD rom but nothing for Engineering.
    If anyone out there can help with the standardisation materials or even let me visit or view exemplar work for the final "major" project I would be grateful.
  2. Engineering is standardised on-line hence no CD.
    You should be able to get access via eAQA ( register and get the password / approval from your exams officer). If you still cannot find anything call the Manchester office and ask for the D&T section.
    Your controlled assessment adviser should be able help you, again if that doesn't work contact AQA.
    By the way what do you consider to be a quality exemplar folder? AQA do not provide exemplars, simply examples of assessed work with a variety of marks.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Been through this one myself and to be honest, the level of support offered by AQA is appaling compared to other boards. Just to give you an idea, I spoke to subject officer three times regarding the single award and got completely different answers each time!. They also clearly stated that the submission for GCSE AQA Engineering should be on around 15 to 20 pages, their 'exemplar' consisted of a 48 page portfolio!

    Standardisation is located on eAQA but for some reason, the specification moves from the Science listings to the D&T listings, another point I highlighted 3 months ago which still has not been revised. Once you log into eAQA, there are a number of options but make sure you have clicked the TEACHERS tab at the top. Then look for online standardisation option and follow links from there. It will give you the option to mark an exemplar folder and compare the moderators marks etc. Its slow and very clunky and would not work on windows 7 PC's in work but does work on my Mac at home. You get a different example each time you log in and can't pick a grade foundry etc, its all a bit random, a little like the board itself!

    I emailed the subject specialist with 15 key questions 8 weeks ago and I am still waiting for a reply. We are dropping this board as soon as a suitable single award option becomes available.

    Hope this helps and sorry if I sound a bit negative but dealing with AQA has been a harrowing experience to say the least

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