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aqa engineering

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by crimble, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Has anybody started any preparation for the Unit 1 exam yet? Are there any postings of resources from colleagues on the net? I have not been given any pre release papers and am chasing this up with the board and my school.

    Also has anyone any idea about the Unit 3 paper? I was quite shocked that AQA abandoned moderation meetings for this course especially as it is a new course.
  2. Not supposed to start until March 1st.
    However I taught this subject for an EDEXCEL exam not so long ago so I was surprised that the topic has come up again. Never mind, already found the How it's made video on YouTube :=}.
    Totally agree about the lack of Standardisation meeting, the Online version is a no go as far as I am concerned as all my spare time has been taken up with after-schools etc. so had no time to sit down an go through the very dry process online. It is the same for Electronic Products so i have missed out twice! No time set aside and no time to have a networking session with the other teachers/fellow sufferers.
    Good Luck, will post any resources I put together when I can.
  3. Any chance you could tell me what the paper is about as I have not received any briefing!!!!!!!
  4. If haven't received anthing that is a problem as you should have received a sheet for each candidate entered. Check with your examinations officer tomorrow!
    Will start talking about the topic on Tuesday when embargo raised.
  5. Almost Tuesday so here goes . . .
    The topic is (drumroll) . . . . Barbeques!!!!!

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