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AQA Electronic Products-Section A- Designing an information system for a tabletop game.

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by mschongkong, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. mschongkong

    mschongkong New commenter

    Designing an information system for a tabletop game. First time with AQA
    Thinking of a 555 monostable adjustable timer, suitable for a range of games including scrabble, boggle, pictionary even chess. Any other thoughts or idea??? other idea thyristor circuit for steady hand operation type game.
    Help and advise would be gratefully appreciated :)
  2. Be very careful, we don't actually know what they are going to ask. A timer may not be the answer if they want scores displayed etc. Don't forget that the kids don't have to make this product in Section A or even design the circuit but come up with a suitable enclosure and i/o design.
    I am sure that the theory part of the paper will have 555s in it, it invariably does, but expect 7 segment displays, 4017s etc and probably a question on programming a microcontroller for a scoring system and possibly something about connecting to the internet via WiFi or using smart phones in a docking station. I also have a sneaky feeling about possible 'Live' game play.

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