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AQA Electronic Products preliminary material

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by PollyB, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Send me a private message by clicking on my name and finding the 'send message' bit. I will send one to you, it may help.
  2. We are completely stumped here as to what the exam board are on about - happy to share or chat with other schools if anyone can offer some support !!
    contact psalt@eccoschool.com
  3. I will copy you on our discussions so far...

    Anyone else want to join in?
  4. Would love to join in on this discussion, expecaily since a issue with the school exams officer being off means we have not received the preliminary material so are flying blind until it is sorted.
  5. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Haven't looked at it yet, but then i've only got one EP entry (a keen y9 lad)
    I've got bigger fish to fry at the moment, like the 60 y11 PD students I need to get through.
    Happy to join in though.
    Have you still got my email Polly?
  6. Think so
    Will send out a scatter-gun email
  7. Hi,

    We too are stumped by the context and have had no guidance from the board since any discussion would give our students an unfair advantage apparently. Our thought are that if we are confused about it then that gives our students an unfair disadvantage!

    Please could you include us in any discussions. Thanks.
  8. All for one and one for all tomorrow.
  9. That's very much what we have been discussing. Scoring systems for snooker,subuteo, table football, table tennis etc Although an electronic dice could be seen as an information system for a board game
  10. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Ok, i've only read it today!
    what a vague pile of 5hit! it absolutely smacks of someone's last minute effort to submit something and I suspect was done in a blind panic just before the exam board required it.
    Should we expect anything more form AQA???

    For what its worth, I think that counter circuits might be worth revising a bit, but I wouldn't dwell on it.
    Microcontrollers, I think will be a safe bet as will 7 seg displays and appropriate drivers (unless of course you control them straight from the PIC. This is at least simpler to learn / more adaptable if its a fairly open design question.
    As usual though, it'll be the luck of the draw as to whats included and if you hit it or not.
    Glad to be seeing the back of this AQA b0ll0x next year.
  11. Oh Pete, coming over all bitter.........
    One of the English teachers reminded me about the new monopoly that has swipe cards.
    Sensors - use of IR beams to trip counter inputs?
    Counters - definitely.
    Displays - Might ask about the patterns for spelling out letters of the alphabet. Hope they don;t ask aboutSerial control of LCD displays but I will talk about them to kids anyway. Controling them is really A level but they should know a little about them.
  12. Hi
    I have discussed this in a thread on my website.
    I hope moderators do not take objection to the link.
    There is a forum specifically for AQA Electronic Products. I added it for my pupils but your students are welcome to join and ask any questions they wish.
    The brief is as vague as it gets. I suspect that this has been done on purpose.
    I suggested on the site that pupils need to consider what an "Information System" might be.
    7Seg Displays - LED Arrays
    It does not need to ve visual - could involve sound.
    <strong style="margin:0px;padding:0px;">Counting / Scoring System[/b]
    What could the "Tabletop Game" be?
    Air Hockey / Football / Quiz type game / Pinball / Chess
    How could they be adapted to incorporate the "Information System" ?
    I have put more thoughts on the website.
    Hope it helps.
  13. Any ideas about the AQA Electronic Products preliminary material. This is the first year that my pupils are sitting this exam and I am completely stumped as to how to prepare my pupils with such a vague context being given.
    Please help if you have any ideas.
  14. I have to agree with the previous posts - its very vague.
    I would also agree that a tabletop information system could include:
    • Astable
    • 4017
    • 4026
    • PICs
    I'm getting very frustrated with Electronic Products at the moment. I had been hoping that this years exam would be an improvement on last years - its not shaping up well, is it?
    If they're not careful, people will stop teach Electronic Products...


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