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AQA Electronic Products - Exam Help?!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by louisajanes, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. We have been without our Electronics specialist since December and have managed to make our way through the Controlled assessment. We are now getting ready to begin revision but would appreciate any help or ideas as to what to study this year. We are going to start with the basics and after the prelim know that we need to spend quite a lot of time on section 1 of the exam. I would be most grateful if anybody has any materials which they think would be useful to me as i am also in the middle of preparing materials for Food and Textiles groups. I would also be grateful if anybody has a copy of the Foundation paper mark scheme for 2006 as my supply teacher has identified some questions she would like to use.
    Any help grateful
  2. Far better to use the 2010 paper and mark scheme for the new specification.
    eAQA is where to look. You need a code from your exams officer.
    Remember that the prep-sheet only applies to the first section, approximately 25% of the marks ( and time) in the exam.
    That still leaves 75% in which they can be asked about any aspect of the specification content.
    So best to cover everythig lightly, it is revision so presumably they have been taught this before.
  3. The Lonsdale revsion guide is excellent and taes you through everytihng. Where are you? If I was close I could help and I am sure another specialist form a nearer school would too.
    Good Luck
  4. Hi

    My answer is very much in line with the others but .... if it helps.

    I taught amd moderated AQA EP for years until moving to a part-time role. You really need a specialist for effective revision .... not just past papers and revision books. You're probably miles away but if in Northern England I'd be able to offer free services.
  5. I am in North East Wales but live in South Cheshire.
  6. I have got a set of index cards made specifically for the AQA spec and a few funky revision games that are suitable for electronics. Drop me an e mail and I'll send you them back. jmj@northgate.suffolk.sch.uk You may not get them back until the middle of next week as we are on Easter hols.
  7. Usual Scrounging starts here. Why not put them on the resourve page....
    or send me a coy on polly.booker#clywedog.wrexham.sch.uk (with usual amendment)
  8. Thanks to everyone for your offers of help. I have just found out that i may have my Electronics member of staff back in after the Easter break. Fingers crossed and thanks again.
    (PS i am a newcomer to forums and may end up with this comment in the wrong place!!)
  9. Hello
    Not 100% sure but from past papers etc.. They might suggest using something such as an LDR or pressure pad that an object/objects would be placed onto or used to cover the LDR.
    Thus the object being moved/stolen would activate an astable/monostable circuit. Then further development would possibly be a microcontroller circuit doing something similiar which the students would have to programme.
    The sensors you mention aren't in the syllabus so wouldn't be used in the exam (fingers crossed)
  10. Places like PCWorld daisy chain their displays with a metal rope a bit like a bike lock. This is rigged to a very visible larm on the end of each table. Without actually setting it off I would guess that the alarm goes off if someone breaks the connection. Very GCSE.

  11. Hi,
    Thanks so much for these ideas, and also for restoring my son's faith in teachers...he thinks its "brilliant" [​IMG]

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