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AQA ELC, double and triple science

Discussion in 'Science' started by Vicki-Ann, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Hi I am a new head of science and having to make some decisions. Does anyone have any advice about running an AQA ELC course alongside double and triple science GCSE courses? Is it possible to run them all together in the same class? What happens when the triple science students get to Unit 3? In practice is it difficult to administer all the practical assignments?

    Thanks in advance
  2. ajed88

    ajed88 New commenter

    ELC only really works running alongside Core science, as the content of ELC is just a watered down version of the current unit 1. Looking to the new spec for 2016, the ELC is changing too but there are no details regarding the content - my guess is that it will be equivalent to what will be in the new paper 1's.

    In terms of the practical assignments, they were a pain to start with but AQA have uploaded new versions of their exemplar assignments and they are much better to mark. I strongly suggest that if you haven't already, sign up to one of the face-to-face training sessions to have a look at the marking. There's lots of ways to get the marks that are not immediately obvious e.g. rearranging steps to get the method marks

    We run a 3 year GCSE course, and for the first time the weakest group (out of 7) were taught ELC in Year 9, to set a foundation to site Core in Year 10.... Year 11 is undecided for now. All other groups start on the Triple course; we make decisions about whether they stay on Triple at the end of Year 10 - if not they spend Year 11 consolidating - the idea is that they all have the opportunity to do Triple, but ultimately we prefer 2 solid GCSEs over 3 wobbly ones! All this will of course be redundant soon though, as we will be teaching the 2016 GCSE to the new Year 9 from the draft spec so that they can sit it in 2018!!

    I hope this is useful,


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