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AQA Drama GCSE results

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by chardmnel, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. I'm keeping the pressure up by writing again to Jane Barrett (cc'ing Sue Lewis et al) asking when when and how we're going to hear the outcome of their 'investigation', and at the same time asking who the 'similar centres' are with whom my results compare so disastrously. If I can find a 'similar centre' locally whose results were good (and I've been unable to do this so far), then one way forward for me in the meantime might be to find out how they approached the written paper, although if it's a question purely of them having a different examiner, then that's not going to be very enlightening. Something to do in the meantime, though. Of course, while all this is raging, I'm supposed to be continuing to teach the written paper to my Year 11s, and have no confidence that what I'm teaching is correct!
  2. I have had one back. Unbelievably it has gone down 20 marks!!!
    Anyone else had any back? Get some re-marked papers back and we can check them against the mark scheme. They are soon going to find that everyone drops drama as a subject if the results are so awful.
    Any ideas on how to teach the exam when we have zero idea what we are doing wrong?!

  3. Hi,
    what is Janet Barret's email? I telephoned and was told she would phone back. This was 3 weeks ago. Still heard nothing.
  4. 20 marks!!!!! OMG how can the marking be so in consistent. That is appalling, they can not train their examiners correctly if there is such a huge jump. How can anyone have faith in their mark? and how may i add did they make their grade boudaries?
  5. exactly! I have no idea how I am meant to mark papers or predict results when I have never seen or heard of anything like this!!
    They are deliberately ignoring us. Is there any union that can be involved or anything else we can do? We cannot go to independent exam appeal yet as we have to wait for remarks.

  6. Having received some remarks, which all went up, I have a feeling that the following scenario might have happened:
    • All exam papers are marked (some harshly, some leniently, etc. due to the newness of the course, expectations, training).
    • The marks are examined and UMS marks are determined.
    • The UMS marks are set too high because of differences in marking.
    Therefore, if your centre was marked harshly, the grades will be much lower.
  7. See post no. 152 for this information.
  8. By how many marks did your students' scripts go up, on average (if you don't mind me asking)?
  9. Still waiting seven working days later for my remarks.

    Here is my theory. Most coursework goes in at a very high level (i.e. lots of students get a fair wedge of the 60%) many then go on to do well in the Unit 1. This means that too many will get top grades. AQA cannot change coursework marks as their moderators have already signed this off and so the only thing they can play with and adjust is the Unit 1 and that's exactly what has happened.

    I think this has been going on for years and only this year have they "adjusted" by such a huge amount that we've all noticed. This has also been become more noticeable as so many of us are doing Unit 1 in Y10 and so their "adjustment" in so painfully apparent rather than being hidden by the total grade.

    Just a theory?
  10. I think there's a lot in what you say, pushbar, but it doesn't answer everything. There is still the issue of the inconsistent marking of the written exam, in which some examiners showed far more leniency than others; there is still the issue of someunexpected questions on the paper which students weren't prepared for; and there is still the issue of the poor quality of the exemplar material supplied by the board. All of these are contributory factors to the problems this year. Your theory is good as far as the changed grade boundaries go, though.
  11. Agreed. I think that this was a bumper year (even for AQA Drama!) of incompetence and some ill thought out remedies. Clearly, Unit One is totally flawed.
  12. Yeh. Problem is, I don't like the alternative specifications. Edexcel also had a load of complaints about examiners' practical marks this year, OCR still has the realisation test which would involve pulling kids off timetable to complete within the specified time limit (not a popular move at my school), and WJEC has set texts, none of which I'm that impressed by, and too late to tackle for Year 11. What to do? What to DO? *Wrings hands*
  13. I have successfully had 10 out of 13 students go up 1 grade marks ranging from 4-13 marks on the paper therefore my school has qualified for an extended review so obviously there has been errors and I hope everyone on here receive good news in their remarks
  14. Congratulations chardmnel. Hope there is more good news on this thread soon.
  15. Since my centre's scripts were marked by the Principal Moderator to use as standardisation material, if my re-marks DO go up or down by a significant margin, what does that say about what's going on at this stage? I don't hold out much hope, to be honest. I'll let you know when I get the results.
  16. I faxed Janet and got a letter back about a week later informing me that my scripts WILL be relooked at and if there is a problem all my papers will be subject to a review.
    I now have my fingers crossed that this could be the light at the end of the tunnel i have been waiting for. Who knows.
    Am booked on the London course at the end of Nov for the feedback on the exam. Cannot do much more than that.
  17. £199 to hear the feedback?! Does AQA run these courses every year, or are these a one-off? Seems a lot of money to listen to AQA explain their screw-up. What else do you get at this event? Is there an itinerary? I can't find any detailed information on the AQA website.
  18. mandimac

    mandimac New commenter

    I had posted early in this strand and I did put in 2 remarks for the written paper.(Please note in 19 years, this is only the 3rd time I have done so) One boy who got 46/80 was 1 mark off an A (and he got all As in his other subjects) and one boy (33/80) who was 1 mark off a C.
    Whilst not really holding out much hope, I was shocked and sickened to discover on Friday that the 46/80 which was a C on the written paper, has now gone down 8 marks to 38/80,a D grade. I am therefore expecting the 33/80 to go down to 25/80.This will mean ALL my other marks on this written paper will have been over marked by 1 grade. Yet, for the most part, I flet they got what they should have in terms of the actual mark- it is just the grade boundaries which have stuffed us. I saw my Head who is very supportive and said for the first time in 19 years, I feel I don't know what I am doing. Yet for that length of time I have been a Moderator and Examiner for A Level at AQA- why is it I have known what I am doing and got it right through all the exam changes. He has told me to draft a letter to the board - in many ways, this IS the draft) He also was shcoked to find out that AQA are not doing face to face standardisations...though he seemed happy enough for me to look at going on a WRITTEN course to see if I can shed any light. I have already printed off Welsh Board - written paper is MUCH more user friendly in terms of linear essyas. And I suspect I won't be the only one to leave....
  19. Very very worrying that the marks are going down so dramatically. Surely indicates that the board has made huge mistakes?
  20. Retro Bates

    Retro Bates New commenter

    AQA = A Questionable Assessment

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