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AQA Drama GCSE results

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by chardmnel, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Marty57

    Marty57 New commenter

    A reply to my own posting. What's the chance of any change? None. The exam boards seem to do as they want. This is my last posting,as there seems to be some who don't seem that concerned (accepting Sue Lewis's reply as 'REASONABLE').
    Good luck everyone this year.
  2. Ah, Marty! Don't give up yet. It's only one poster on here who thinks that Sue Lewis's response is 'reasonable'. No-one else seems to agree with that view. We need to persist - giving up is just what they want us to do! One more unto the breach, dear friends.
  3. Just a thought but why isn't this story being investigated by the TES? It' a massive scandal!
  4. I've just had EXACTLY the same reply from Sue Lewis. Obviously they are so inundated with complaints/queries that she is sending out a standard response and not dealing with specific enquiries

  5. I got the worst results of my career but I am not crying I am writing a complaint to the AQA, these results make no sense and insult us as professionals. With so many complaining it is obvious there is a problem on their part.
  6. I was told to write a letter and either fax or post to Janet Barrett. I will be faxing as it is quicker and with after tonight only 11 days to appeal I feel i will be able to get a quicker response.
    The fax number is 01483 556344
    Snail mail is
    Janet Barrett, Manager at Candidate Support
    Exams Office Support
    Stag Hill House
    GU2 7XJ
    I would urge you all to forward your emails and responses to Janet Barrett and any who were going to contact to do likewise
  7. I'm with you, we need to make it clear that this is unacceptable, everyone I know is complaining. AQA have failed to mark the written exam appropriately and have caused a lot of upset amongst teachers and students who worked hard to achieve their target grades and above.
  8. AQA seem to have system for their email addresses, so I imagine Janet Barrett is JBarrett@aqa.org.uk to get to Ms Barrett personally.
  9. Marty57

    Marty57 New commenter

    jencros, thanks, you are right.
    My letter will be posted to j barrett tomorrow.
  10. I have been reading all the postings with interest, as I am in the same boat, results wise. However, what has surprised me has been the absence of more complaints and worries about the nature of the written paper itself and the lack of appropriate guidance given by AQA. In the AS Specification, AQA state in their 'Rationale for Access to Personal Notes': "Reliance entirely on memory is artificial to the normal process of preparing a review of a theatre production seen". Their rationale then goes on to state other reasons why access to notes is needed. When I write my letter, I will be asking for an explanation as to why the 'easier' GCSE exam requires students to rely on memory whilst their peers sitting an 'advanced' paper, don't need to. Also, whilst at AS the 'describe and analyse/evaluate' skills follow on from each other in a natural flow, all in one question, the GCSE paper separates these aspects, so that this year we had the ridiculous situation of students describing the skills in one moment from a production but then evaluating a completely different moment! And, before colleagues advise me to move to section B, I hear the questions there bore no resemblance to the exemplars! With exemplar material for a C Grade only and no A grade examples given out at the standardisation day, (because centres 'find A Grade exemplars intimidating'!!!) and promises of a 'starter for 10' Ques 1 which has yielded a 4 out of 10 for most of my A grade students, the results debacle is only part of a very big mess in my opinion.
  11. Shu'up, I totally agree. I suspect AQA will say concerning Section C (live productions seen) that the level of detail required at AS level is far greater than than required at GCSE, but I did raise this point about the new 'reliance on memory' requirement personally with Sue Elles at a meeting last year, and she poo-pooed my concerns saying that the legacy spec. was far too reliant on teacher-generated student notes and that the new spec. was a better test of the students' own understanding. I remember at the time reeling from the implications of the new 'memory test' paper as soon as she introduced it, and it turns out my fears were well founded. I didn't dare prepare my students for a Section C question without recourse to notes, and prepared them instead for a set text (Section B) question. The requirement on the paper to write about 'the author's intention' was completely unexpected and not one for which my students had been prepared. I did raise both the 'memory test' point and the 'unexpected question' point when I first emailed Sue Lewis, although that level of detail does, I agree, seem to have got lost in the wash since. If AQA are looking into the reasons for the low marks awarded on Unit 1 (and my understanding from conversations with them is that they are), then I imagine these points will be a natural part of their investigation, alongside the matter of examiner standardisation. Nevertheless, as you say, we should still be complaining at that level of detail, tiring though it is to keep making the same points over and over again, as I feel I have been for the past week! Sue Elles must be feeling very embarrassed, I imagine, as she spearheaded the whole spec. I really hope she's working flat out to help get this mess sorted out.
  12. Has anyone had scripts re-marked? We are awaiting ours, but heard from one centre where one student on re-mark was awarded 39 more marks (raw) and one lost 18! It's disgusting that some examiners have been so wrong. When are they going to admit they have made a royal screw up here?
  13. kirkiecustard

    kirkiecustard New commenter

    My email has been sent.
    My papers have been sent off.
    I look forward to having some sort of explanation!
  14. Are we going through the procedure of asking for re-marks at the same time as writing to/emailing Janet Barrett, or are we waiting for a response from Janet Barrett BEFORE asking for re-marks?
  15. Has anyone heard anything from Janet Barrett? I haven't.
  16. Retro Bates

    Retro Bates New commenter

    If AQA paid more for marking they would have more competent professionals marking the scripts. As it is, they pay peanuts and mostly get monkeys. Monkeys love pocket money. Consumate Professionals cost more.
  17. Hmm. My scripts were whisked away at the end of the exam as I agreed to them being used as standardisation material. As a result, they were marked by the Principal Examiner (so I've been informed). Result? APPALLING marks, although presumably AQA pay their Principal Examiner more than your monkey examiner. My own theory is that the Principal Examiner marked the exam very harshly and literally, having no truck for example with the students who didn't directly address the 'author's intention', for example (an unexpected Section B question for which no students will have been prepared), whereas your monkey examiner looked for and gave credit where they could to evidence of students' knowledge and understanding, despite them maybe not keeping such a tight focus on the peculiar slant of the question.

    We got a letter from Jane Barrett today saying that they're still investigating the issue over the marking of the exam, and in the meantime to ask for re-marks in the normal way. I wonder when and how they're going to let us know the results of their investigation.
  18. Marty57

    Marty57 New commenter

    Nothing yet. Have sent off scripts for remark at great cost to the school.

  19. Retro Bates

    Retro Bates New commenter

    They have had my remark request for a week and a half and I am growing more and more frustrated. I have had no further replies from Sue Lewis or Kevin Phillips to even acknowledge my concerns. I am guessing they are either inundated with problems or are keeping tight lipped to prevent further complications.

    I am very much looking forward to the outcome of this debacle.

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